How do you love yourself?

At New Years every year I always set myself unrealistic, yet stereotypical new years resolutions such as: – Lose weight -Exercise more -Drink more water, etc. This year I decided to scrap the typical resolutions I usually set myself, this year is the year of self love and recovery.

I may not of found the answer for self love but I hope that this post will help at least one person learn new techniques of how to boost your self esteem or mood even just a little bit.

  1. Pamper yourself!

File_000 (4)

If I am having a stressful day, the first thing I go is find a way to relax before I tackle the jobs I need to complete. I am currently reading Ghost Girl by Lesley Thomson and to get engrossed in the story the perfect place to go is the bath! I can’t have a bath without using a bath bomb. I usually opt for Lush bath bombs as their products are so amazing as well as vegan, but today I used a gorgeous Almond & Milk Bath Bomb by Alpine. Face Masks are another must have! I am loving the Pure Clay Purity Mask by L’Oreal Paris at the moment. Having time to look after yourself really helps during recovery. All links of the products will be at the bottom of the blog post.


2.  Journaling & Organising.

File_000 (5) I own my own floristry business as well as working for another company so I use as many organising methods available to make sure all my day to do errands are completed as well as working full time. This gorgeous diary (left) is from Paperchase and I use it on the daily with flower orders and my shifts for work. I feel like the more I organise my time, the less I get stressed. In 2016 adult colouring books became so popular and although I love creativity I never bought one, until I came across this book (pictured right in the photo). It is called a Mindfulness Colouring Notebook, so on some pages there are designs for you to colour and other pages are lined for you to journal. If you suffer from any form of disorder, addiction or low mood, journaling is so helpful and has saved me many times. It is sometimes a relief to just release all your thoughts onto paper, rather than bottling it up or in my case, taking it out on myself.


3. Hobbies and Discovering yourself. 

File_000 (6)

When my depression was at is highest I struggled to find ways to make life enjoyable again, I lost touch with my creative side and found it so difficult to involve myself in  a hobby. It is so easy to lose interest if you suffer from any form of illness so below I have listed a few hobby options to hopefully inspire some of you!

  • Flower arranging
  • Start a blog!
  • Write a book – WattPad is amazing for this!
  • Draw/Paint
  • Learn a musical instrument
  • Game
  • Read more books
  • Yoga or other sports


4. Fake it until you make it

File_000 (7)I have heard this phrase many times in my life but never really thought much of it, as I was quite against the idea of being fake in any way. But when it comes to growing confidence, faking it may not be a bad thing at all.  Tell yourself that you are strong, independent and that you are beautiful. You may not believe it at first but in time you will; every day compliment yourself on something new.

Two years ago I was so self conscious and wanted to avoid talking to strangers as much as possible, but I have worked on fixing this and for me the first place to start was my appearance. I am not advising anyone on changing themselves in order to feel confident because everyone is perfect exactly how they are. But a great outfit always helps! I saved up money to buy better makeup and used Youtube as a way to learn how to improve my daily hair and makeup routine and for me makeup not only became a keen interest but a way to boost my confidence.

When you are feeling low about yourself, it is easy to want to avoid any form of contact from the outside world, but getting out there more really does help. Whether that’s going to the library, out for a coffee or into your local town, just being in the presence of others helps.

Chloe Burford x

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4 thoughts on “How do you love yourself?

  1. Rosiemau says:

    Yes! I love this, especially the hobbies and discovering yourself point. I’ve really started to make an effort on this lately and it’s really fun and interesting. I’ve found so much out about myself, it’s brilliant!

    Excellent post!

    Rosie Mauu


  2. kittyp0p says:

    I couldn’t sleep, so I was scrolling back through some older posts from those I follow and this one was my favorite. It’s really well put together and I think the message is fantastic (: great job and some awesome points made!

    Liked by 1 person

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