May Goals

I started this year and set myself goals in hope to improve my lifestyle. But how is it May already? It only feels like a week or two ago that I was indulging in Christmas treats whilst snuggling up on the sofa with either my favourite Youtuber’s Vlogmas on my screen or a festive film.

As I am new to blogging I am still experimenting with different style of posts I want to upload, but I have been seeing a lot of post’s about monthly/weekly goals and I love this idea. I like to think of myself as an organised person; on a day to day basis I write out lists of tasks to complete, so I thought why not write a blog posts of my goals for this month!

  1. My main goal for this month is to treat myself better. As I have briefly spoke about on previous blog posts I suffer with depression and over the course of a few years I have struggled with self ham. So far I am three months clean, which is the longest I have been! I would love it if I made it to four months in May.
  2. Driving – I have just purchased my first car. It is a Peugeot 107 and I am in love with it! However, it is learning to drive it that is the struggle, I have currently had 6 lessons but have decided to drive it out on the roads with learners insurance. Lets hope by next month I can say my driving has significantly improved.
  3. Spending less time on my phone – This is quite an ironic goal as I am currently typing this on my laptop with my phone sat next to me, but our generation has become so involved with life on our screens as opposed to living in the current moment. It wasn’t until I accidentally left my phone at home whilst I was out for the day that I noticed how much more of my day I cherished. I could watch the world go by whilst drinking my coffee in a local cafe or get engrossed into a book rather than being glued to a screen.
  4. Eat more fruit & veg – Β This is probably my most stereotypical goal for the month, but still you got to try haha!
  5. My final goal is to post more and grow my blog – I will use one of my many pretty notebooks I have stored away and put them to use by planning blog posts. As I am new to this any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated!!


Thank you Lovelies,

Chloe x x

7 thoughts on “May Goals

  1. Me On Focus says:

    So proud of you for being clean and succeeding!!! Keep going be sincere with your writing and your blog will grow so fast that you won’t even believe it πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ good luck Hun


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