Motivational Monday

I started this blog off in hope to express my feelings as well as showing awareness to mental health illnesses. For me, Mondays are always a very tough day as it is the start of my working week.

So I thought why not write weekly posts to not only help myself but help others that Mondays don’t have to be so scary and that a new week isn’t a bad thing!

File_000 (14).jpeg

As I am writing this, it is a Sunday evening and admittedly I am nervous, it is as if ever since my education started, I have a fear of Monday’s drilled in to my mind. Monday’s are always a day I wanted to avoid and I see a lot of things scattered along social media regarding Monday as such a shit day of the week, whether its a tweet or facebook status. No-one seems to like them, and really when you sit back and think about it, we have 52 Monday’s in a year, why do we want to waste time dreading a day for a large part of our time, isn’t it just pointless and a negative routine to be in?

I was talking to a work colleague the other day and he said something to me that really stayed with me. He said that every single Monday he sets himself a goal to do one good deed to make someones day. This is definitely something I want to start myself, if other people have the same negativity towards Monday as I have, then why don’t we all start trying to help each other feel better?

This week challenge yourself to do the things you have been putting off, try something new. Explore new places and meet new people. Do more of what makes you happy!

Worry is the misuse of your imagination.

Chloe x x

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