May Faves

May has just seemed to disappear, it literally feels like yesterday I wrote my April favourites! These are one of my favourite posts to not only read but write, so enjoy.

Kittyp0p  has been my favourite blogger this month. Not only are her posts super inspiring and talented, she is such a lovely girl and I like to think ofcropped-cropped-cropped-file_000-3.jpeg her as my blogging friend! Shout out to you girl.

Ardell lashes have been the best lash purchase I’ve ever made. I usually opt for Eylure lashes as they are sold in most drugstore in the UK and are very popular. More recently, Ardell lashes are being stocked in the UK and I am in love with them; These lashes have a long lasting power compared to Eylure. I have worn the same pair on multiple occasions and they still look just as flawless. The style I buy are the demi-wispies and if you are familiar with the beauty side of social media the demi wispies are probably no shock to you! I am wearing them in the image to the right.

Every week I will wear my dungarees at least once, I am obsessed. My fashion sense changes so often, I have gone from grunge to a bit more smart and now I am experimenting with more casual clothes. I bought two pairs of dungarees from Primark for only £12 each! And in the photos I am pairing them with tee’s also from primark for £2.50 each and my old skool vans to create the cutest yet comfiest outfit!

Instagram has started including filters and additional images to their story option and as controversial as the insta story vs snapchat is. I am loving it. Follow me here to keep up to date with what I am doing daily!


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing Harry Styles album is? It is such a different style to One Direction’s music and throughout the album you can identify certain bands Harry has got his inspiration from. Such as Meet me in the Hallway has such a Pink Floyd vibe to it. I am just obsessed.

My last fave is the city Bath, if you are not from the UK you may not of heard of it but if you ever visit then you must go to Bath, it is so beautiful you won’t be disappointed I promise. For those who are new to my blog then you may not know much about me. I currently work in Bath so I travel their 5 times a week and it is starting to feel more like home than Bristol. I would love to live their one day, the buildings and views are just to die for.

Chloe x x


6 thoughts on “May Faves

  1. kittyp0p says:

    Thank you so much for the shoutout! Your blog is one of my faves too and I love chatting with you (: beautiful pictures of the city too- I first heard of Bath when Marzia posted a vlog from her visit there. I hope you have an awesome rest of the month, looking forward to your June favorites already xoxo


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