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If you watch a lot of beauty youtubers you will probably recognise the title. For those who don’t, I plan on starting a series on my blog where I test and review beauty products from various stores, starting with Primark today! Disclaimer: This is not sponsored, all opinions are my own.


Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

I’m going to start with the Just Peachy eye-shadow palette, which retails for only £4. However, on their website it is selling for only £2.50 at the moment! I just couldn’t resist it when I saw it. This palette consists of 9 shades, 4 shimmer and 5 matte and I am pleasantly surprised with the pigmentation! In previous posts I always preach about how high-end shadows are so much more better than drugstore, but I genuinely love this palette as much as some of my high-end palettes! The layout of this palette is so similar to Kylie Cosmetics and it states that the shadows smell of peaches (Just like the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette), but honestly the scent couldn’t be dissimilar to peaches if it tried.

When I purchased this I had to do a lot of rummaging to try and find a sealed palette that didn’t contain smashed shadows, so it is worth taking extra care if you are travelling with this palette as the packaging isn’t the greatest. But what do you expect for £4! This palette doesn’t contain a brush or mirror like most, but that doesn’t really bother me too much. Overall, I am thrilled with this purchase! I would rate this 7/10.


Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Admittedly there is a pink theme going on in this blog post, but this is the most gorgeous shade! I am due to update my nail varnish collection so I thought this was the perfect time to give PS nail varnishes a whirl. The colour of this varnish is to die for and the consistency is amazing too! Some varnishes can be very gloopy or too thin and apply streaky or dry super tacky, but considering that this only cost 90 pence it is incredible! I have an awful habit of picking my nail varnish off when i’m nervous and considering I have anxiety you can guarantee that my varnish never stays nice haha. But so far I am loving this! I will rate this another 7/10!


Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

I have not edited the swatch for this lipstick so the colour shown is the true shade. When I was looking through the lipsticks there was a lot of pink/red tones and for me that is awful and completely washes me out, so when I saw this nude shade I was so pleased. However, there were no testers so it was a bit of a gamble when purchasing it. The colour is definitely the best out of the bunch and matches the eye-shadow palette well! It it is an orange/coral shade and has a sheer finish to it, which is a difference for me as I usually opt for a matte. I am happy with the colour and for 90 pence again you can’t go wrong! I don’t really like the finish to this lipstick as it is patchy in some places and feels quite heavy on the lips. I rate this 5/10 as it is still a wearable product just not something I would repurchase!

I hope you all enjoyed, if you have a brand you want me to try next time let me know in the comments x x

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