My End of Year Goals

I know what you’re all thinking, isn’t this just a super early new years resolution post? Well now Christmas is on the approach I am determined to finish this year successfully. As much as I love Christmas I must admit that seeing Christmas lights fill the streets of Bath and all stores filled with Christmas gifts, I do have quite a lot of anxiety about 2017 coming to an end. So I am going to make a little list of goals I want to complete by the time 2018 arrives at our doorstep.


This will be my first Christmas as a blogger so I am so hyped for all the Christmas posts and potentially blogmas?? At the moment I am balancing three jobs and want to seriously cut back on how much I am working to put blogging first. Blogging is the one thing I am so passionate about, and my dream is to be a full time blogger. If you make money from blogging please comment below any tips!


At the beginning of 2017 my main goal for the year was to drive! It is now October and I am not any closer to passing. Three different driving companies down and I am finally happy with how my lessons are progressing. If I continue to have weekly lessons then by Christmas I would have had 13 lessons (26 hours) and on average you need 40 hours to pass so I will be more than half way – and yes I know I am forever going on about driving haha.


It is cosy sweater season and it is about time I drag Cam out on long walks around Bristol and Bath. I take for granted how beautiful where I live really is and Autumn is the perfect time to take in my surroundings and really treasure each moment. (Plus think of the cute photos!) I have quite a few places listed I want to go to and for the next few months I really want to cross them off my list.


All throughout 2017 I have put so much time and attention into looking after my mind that is has taken its toll on my body. Arguably I do spend an hour and half every morning to make sure my makeup and hair looks nice, but I started this year as a vegetarian progressing into veganism. Now I have got lazy with my diet (mostly because the convenience of quick fast food during and after work). So for the last 3 months of the year I want to fix my diet, incorporate better skincare products and get more sleep!

What are your goals for the rest of the year?


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10 thoughts on “My End of Year Goals

  1. Veronica M. says:

    Very nice goals gorgeous! Love how you’re priotizing blogging because your dream is to pursue it full time, and placing importance on self care as well-you go gurl! Xxx


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