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I will kick this post off by apologising to all of my lovely followers for not being online this week, I promise I will catch up with all of your festive posts soon I promise!

So this week me and my best friend travelled up to Birmingham for a night away to finish all of our Christmas shopping and also get into the Christmas spirit wandering around the Christmas market! (Take a shot every time I say Christmas in this post).


We arrived in Birmingham at 10:30am and luckily the weather treated us well. After dropping our cases off at the hotel and stopping for a coffee break we ventured out into the main high-street and wandered around the cute little German market.


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It was so so nice to get glammed up with my girl and drink way too many beers, but admittedly I was absolutely freezing and a dress probably wasn’t the best of options. I wore a lace black dress which was an absolute bargain from Primark for £13 and it is linked here! For those planning on going to Birmingham for a night around I recommend the Cosy Club for somewhere that isn’t too busy and loud! Plus the food was incredible.


Each year Bristol runs a German Christmas market, but comparing it to the one in Birmingham it puts Bristol to shame. All along the high-street cute little stalls are dotted along selling so many different things. I may of spent most of my money in the market on German Beer but all the little sparkly knick-knacks grabbed my attention and I did come out with some little gifts so if you would like to see a haul be sure to let me know in the comments below!


Tuesday was our final day to finish buying all of our Christmas presents and we spent most of the day in the Bullring shopping centre, which absolutely blew my mind and was pretty much the only reason why we went. However, Forever 21 wasn’t as good as we expected, luckily Selfridges didn’t disappoint (even though we are way too skint to afford any of the designer clothes in there – haha!)


To finish off our trip we went to a cute little American Diner called Ed’s Easy Diner and on each table there was a small jukebox and it gave it such a vintage vibe!

Travel posts are one of my absolute faves to read so I hope you all enjoyed!




23 thoughts on “Follow Me Around|BIRMINGHAM

  1. hell0chloe says:

    Soo weird seeing people post about places I’m always in hahahah, I haven’t been to the Christmas market yet though, I need to get down there!! Ed’s is also the best, me & my friends always eat there! X


  2. maddisondoolan says:

    Your photography is absolutely gorgeous! I love this post so much, I want to go to the Christmas markets so badly, it must have been so wonderful, hope you have a Merry Christmas xxx


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