When I started blogging I use to binge read posts like this that are full of tips for new bloggers and ways to improve your content, so this week I thought I will write up a post and share my advice! By no means am I saying I am a professional and successful blogger but comparing my first blog posts to my most recent ones there is a massive change and improvement.

I like to think this will become a series so if you have any suggestions about what you want my next ‘how to’ post to be about be sure to let me know in the comments. This week I will be talking all things to do with flatlays!

Processed with MOLDIV


I am forever rummaging around my house for objects I can use for props and wandering up to the shops for flowers to use in my backgrounds. I look back on some photos from my first blog posts and the flat lays look so bare!

What props do I need?

  • Flowers/Plants
  • Candles
  • Perfume bottles
  • Magazines/Books
  • Jewellery

Processed with MOLDIV


If you are like me and are on a budget then I can’t recommend wallpaper samples enough. Admittedly, it is a tad awkward nipping to B&Q and coming out with a sample of wallpaper knowing you have no intention of actually redecorating your room haha! But the paper is so thick that it doesn’t crease and look cheap in the background. For those who have some money to spend on making your blog photos super pretty then slates of marble is my absolutely fave. It creates such a glamorous finish to your flat lays!


I can’t stress enough how important lighting is, I take all my photos on my iPhone 7 and as long as I take the in-front of the window I am guaranteed good quality pictures. However, I have read quite a lot of posts where bloggers recommend reflectors instead of purchasing big lights that could get pretty pricey. The best reflectors I have found that are currently on my Christmas list are linked here.

What colour reflector do I need?

  • Gold – To warm up the picture.
  • Silver – To brighten up the picture.
  • White – To bounce light into shadows.
  • Black – To block out unwanted light.

Processed with MOLDIV


I have tried many different websites for editing and so far my favourite way to edit photos is by apps on my phone. As you can tell I am not one to over edit my photos so my favourite app I have found is called MOLDIV and I use the filter called happy and adjust it to Opacity +50, which brightens the photo whilst keeping it looking natural. Instagram is the only social media app I use specifically for my blog and for those who don’t already follow me it is linked here. For times when I am busy I use the app called BUFFER to schedule all of my posts for me, making it so much easier!

I hope you all enjoyed and remember that I post every Friday at 9am!




15 thoughts on “How to: FLAT LAYS

  1. Mira Belle says:

    I really love your layout and pics they’re so gorg… I started my blog in september 2017 and I’ve just been grabbing pics off of the internet but I really want to start creating my own pics. thanks for this how to post… really helpful ❤


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