One of my new years resolutions was to be more fearless with my outfit choices and share my fashion on my blog. I like to say I have definitely worked on this, I uploaded a LBD Lookbook a month ago and I want to start uploading posts that focus on a specific area of fashion and this week it is all things jewellery related!


Starting with my most beloved jewellery piece, my Casio. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t have this on my wrist. I love how different and old school the style is – admittedly most of the people who compliment it are middle aged men who tell me that’s what they wore when they were a teen haha! But nonetheless I love it!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

My rings are all purchased from Pandora and I wear them every day. Three of them are stacking rings and the other is a large statement ring, which people usually say to me that it is like Bella’s engagement ring from Twilight haha! The three stacking rings are: Delicate Bow Ring, June Birthstone Ring and the Linked Love Ring. However, my favourite is the Pandora Signature Ring because it is SO sparkly! I am one of those people who never take their rings off when washing their hands so I am so pleased with the quality of Pandora’s products, they look just as flawless as the day I bought them!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Another Pandora purchase is my gorgeous heart necklace. Cam bought me this for my 19th birthday and I have worn this religiously every day since. If you are interested in this then the pendant is called Sparkling Love and you purchase the chain separately!


Processed with MOLDIV

I think by this point Pandora should sponsor me haha! But my next piece is the most expensive and most sentimental – my Pandora charm bracelet. Along the years I have expanded my collection and have been gifted a few charms along the way too. The charms I have are: White Primrose Meadow Charm, Owl Graduate Charm, Darling Daisies Spacer, Openwork Heart Spacer and the Magnolia Blossom Charm. All of these charms have their own meaning and I love it so much! Okay, enough about Pandora.


Joma Jewellery is one of my favourites and also makes a perfect gift for anyone! I have the Moon Bracelet, but it is so old I can’t find it on their website haha! I bought this on holiday a few years back and my best friend bought the exact same one but in necklace form and it is probably the cutest thing we have bought together haha. The finish on the bracelet is so shiny and again another jewellery piece that doesn’t turn shitty when it gets wet.


Lastly is my Accessorize bargain. We all know how incredible the 70% off sale was in Accessorize this January and I managed to buy a £16 bracelet for something crazy like £4!! It is rose gold, which doesn’t really go with the other silver bracelets but it is just too pretty to not wear!

If you managed to stay here until the end then I applaud you! I hope you all enjoyed this post and if there is another fashion category you want me to blog out then let me know in the comments!







17 thoughts on “What I Wear|JEWELLERY

  1. Hannah says:

    I think rings look really good on everyone else but my own fingers are too stubby for rings and I am forever using my hands so they would just be hassle. The necklace is something I would wear though. I recently got a Pandora charm bracelet for Christmas although I always save it for special occasions, rightly or wrongly. xx


  2. Makeup by Erin says:

    I love your rings! They’re so simple and delicate looking! I’m not a huge jewelry person, (I mostly just forget to put it on 😂) but I’m trying so hard to wear some pieces that are meaningful to me!


  3. silkandspire says:

    The same thing happens with my Casio calculator watch haha I love the Pandora rings I must go look at them online now 🙂 (I’m a huge ring fan).


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