Feelings & Favourites

By the time I upload this I know it will be mid March, which I know is a super weird time to upload a favourites post, but writers block sucks! But today I am mixing things up and making it more of a chatty post by including my feelings throughout the past month too!


Revolution – Conceal & Define ‘C2’



Yet again I am so fucking late to the Revolution Concealer bandwagon. Not too long ago everyone went crazy for this concealer as it is so similar to the Tarte Shape Tape and I have only just got my hands on it. I bought the shade C2 and it matches my skin tone so well, it is very brightening underneath the eyes and it is so blend-able on top of foundations. I absolutely love the large doe foot applicator too, it makes it so easy to highlight under your eyes. The rose gold packaging is so luxurious and the best part is that it is only 4 pounds! I was going to do a more in depth review but I have a feeling you all are so fed up of reading reviews on this concealer haha!!

Primark – PS Nail Polish



It is no secret that I love a good bargain, and Primark nail varnishes never fail to impress. I am pretty sure I have included them in a blog post before but they are one of my favourite nail varnishes. For a long time Rimmel 60 seconds was my holy grail nail polish range and I honestly think the PS range has topped it. I am a nightmare for chipping my nail varnish and this polish typically lasts me a week, which is pretty impressive for me haha! The four shades I have are Reckless, Cherry and Vintage Rose, Make Me Blush and they are all 90p each!! (Can we also ignore the fact that the disgusting price stickers won’t come off the polish lids).

Bea Miller – Aurora

At the end of February Bea released an album and I am hooked!! It is the one album I have listened to over and over again this month and haven’t got bored at all. My favourite song from the album is either girfriend or outside, so definitely check it out!

New Look — Gold Chelsea Boots

IMG_2177 (1).JPG

As always the UK weather is so unpredictable and this month we were greeted with a lot of snow so it seems rather silly to include suede boots into this post. But on my days off from work these boots have been the main footwear I have been gravitating too. I bought these boots last summer so I am not 100% sure whether they are still available. But New Look is so good for comfortable boots, that last a long time considering the affordable price!


Instagram has never been something I have been too fussed about. But this month I have felt so shitty about my Instagram feed, there is no theme or consistency. And now blogging has become one of my passions I really want to step up my insta game. My Instagram accounts will be linked at the bottom on this post!

I am nearly at 300 followers and I am so so grateful for all of you who continue to support me every week. But I am in a weird funk where I don’t really know whether I am a good enough blogger. It is so difficult to not compare my blog to other blogs. I am sorry the feeling section of this post has turned into a bit of a negative ramble, but if you are a content creator then you will understand the struggle of creating new unique content, whilst being successful.

This month has been super busy with floristry as Mothers Day arrived and all the orders swarmed in. As much as I love working with flowers it does get super stressful at times working it around my other jobs. But overall I am super happy with how they look! What did you all do for Mother’s Day?

I hope you all enjoyed! See you next Friday at 9am!

Personal Instagram – here

Blog Instagram – here



31 thoughts on “Feelings & Favourites

  1. mylittlewildbirds says:

    Great pics! And I am always the last on the trend bandwagon these days. When I do get a chance to shop for myself, I feel like I’m always the last one on the train! FML 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hannah says:

    How long do the nail polishes take to dry because I am so bad at waiting for them to dry before using my phone or eating and then smudging the nail polish? I totally understand about the Instagram funk – I have loads of photos I want to post but cannot seem to come up with any captions and I don’t know why. Need to get re-inspired. xx


    • chloeburford says:

      Honestly not long at all! I literally swear by them they’re so good!! Instagram is such a funny one this year I’ve found so many good accounts and I’m full of insta envy haha! Thanks for reading honey xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hannah says:

        I think the problem is I follow a lot of bloggers and YouTubers so my standards are set higher than if I were following your average everyday person haha xx


  3. hell0chloe says:

    Ahh your photos are always so great, I think we all worry sometimes that we’re not the best blogger that we potentially could be but that’s natural – just worry about you and what you’re doing, the rest will follow. For the record, I think you’re doing great! I love your blog .xx


  4. Makeup by Erin says:

    Those boots are sooo cute! Don’t worry, I just tried out that concealer and will probably do a *late* review, so I know how you feel. 😂


  5. Siyana says:

    I’ve tried those Primark nail polishes but surprisingly, they didn’t work out for me! They only lasted for a few hours which was super strange!

    And I also got some boots from New Look, their sales are absolute bargains!


  6. chelseasguide says:

    I feel the same about my insta! I havnt uploaded a photo in weeks because I just go not know how to go about having all my photos tie in together?! How does that even happen!!! You’re posts are always amazing though and defiantly inspire me to carry on with my baby blog! Xxxxx


  7. silkandspire says:

    Love the gold stars in your pictures! I completely understand what you mean in feels section I think we all feel that way from time to time… but you can only do your best!


  8. Em says:

    The make up rev concealer is everything! I cant go on about it enough. I just wish it was easier to get! Its always sold out!

    And I adore that you have a feelings section, sometimes we just need to get it out there!
    Em x


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