If We Were Having Coffee

So this weeks post was intended to be a Spring look-book but then we were greeted by the snow again, so that will have to wait! Instead I am doing a chit-chat post that I have read plenty of times before and loved – If We Were Having Coffee. I hope you enjoy!


If We Were Having Coffee… We would most likely be in Costa. I spend WAY too much money and time in there, but their iced latte’s are what dreams are made of. Considering how much I love Coffee I should probably try and expand my coffee shop choices this year rather than sticking to my beloved Costa Coffee.

If We Were Having Coffee… I would tell you all Forever Living. This lovely company reached out to be a week ago and I am lucky enough to work with them very soon! I am waiting for a parcel to arrive, so I can test them out and review it for you guys! So keep your eyes peeled for that one!

If We Were Having Coffee… You wouldn’t be able to stop me talking all about how excited I am for my 2018 holidays. In April me and my best friend are away for a girls shopping weekend. In June me and Cam are going abroad for an all inclusive holiday in Bulgaria and I also have a family holiday to Spain in September. I think this year I am definitely making up for my lack of holidays the past two years haha! I am beyond excited (plus think of the travel blog posts).

If We Were Having Coffee… I would probably slip a bit of self promo in. For the past two posts I have spoke about Instagram so you are most likely screaming at your screens and begging me to shut the fuck up. But I am so happy with how my insta feed is now. I have merged my two accounts and I am SO happy. Link is at the bottom of this post!

If We Were Having Coffee… I would make you sit down and watch The Michalaks with me. Phoebe recently told me about this family and I have finally gotten around to watching them and now I know why she loves them so much! They are family vloggers who live in Bath and I am in awe with how incredible their content is. The video quality blows my mind, they definitely are one of my fave youtubers at the moment!

If We Were Having Coffee… I would thank you for supporting my blog! I started this blog out as a little hobby and just somewhere to write and express how I feel but ever since November 2017 I have felt so much passion towards blogging. I am nearly at 300 followers so thank you to everyone to continuously show me support through views, comments and likes. Whether you regularly read my posts or you have just stumbled upon my blog. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

If We Were Having Coffee… I would want to know all about how you are! Let me know in the comments about something fun you have been up to and whether the snow has affected you too!


Until Next Time,




28 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee

  1. Hannah says:

    Literally am so done with the snow and am ready for Spring. Apparently it’s going to snow more this weekend and I am not down for that! Costa definitely does the best coffee but I prefer Starbucks because I adore sweet coffees and also because they change up their menu so often. xx


    • chloeburford says:

      Honestly I hate snow now haha, I am so fed up of it!! Yeah Starbucks definitely has more options, but i think my heart will always be with coffee cause im so boring with my order haha! Thank you for reading lovely!xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. phoebefrancesca says:

    YESSS! – at you watching the Michalaks ! Literally how insane are the vlogs? – and their house? Remind me of this topic when I see you next so we can discuss at length ! xx


      • phoebefrancesca says:

        I know! Meeting them was so surreal as well ! And she lived in the flat above mine when she was a student here which freaks me out so much! X –


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