The Anxious Traveller

Yes I know I am constantly mentioning my upcoming holiday in all of my recent blog posts but this time there is a reason why I am talking about it. I started my blog focusing on mental health specifically so it only seems right to go back to the beginning and give you a mental health recovery post! For as long as I can remember I have hated flying. It isn’t so much the fear of the plane failing and crashing, its more the fact that you can’t escape. With a bus you can easily escape, but with a plane you’re fucked really if you want to leave. My anxiety is mainly based around the fear of being trapped, I don’t want to label it as claustrophobia but it definitely similar. So if you can relate then I hope this helps! Today I will be telling you all my tips and tricks on how to overcome flight anxiety.


Books books books. It is quite embarrassing to admit how heavy my bag is and that is all down to the books I carry daily, but I absolutely love the power a good book has. When you are in an anxiety provoking situation it is best to stay away from the thriller novels and stick to something less intense.

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Music is your best friend. I am constantly listening to music, whether it is chart music or heavy metal I have my headphones in. It is the only thing that can automatically calm me down so keep a stash of headphones and chargers on your flight!


Adult colouring books. I love how popular these have become over the past years, and I see so many of them when travelling. It is just so therapeutic. I have also seen some books that are just swear words you can colour in which is definitely right up my street haha!


Movies & Netflix. I know that on most flights they have small screens that flip down and play movies, but I am not the tallest person in the world, nor do I have the best eye sight. So the last thing I want to be doing is squinting to see a shitty film haha. So this holiday I will be taking my iPad and downloading some TV shows to watch. (Cam get ready for the amount of Vampire Diaries I will be watching).

I would absolutely love to hear all of your tips below! Thank you so much for reading.

Until next time,



36 thoughts on “The Anxious Traveller

  1. Laura says:

    Really enjoyed reading this post – I know a lot of people struggle with anxiety on planes and these are some great tips. Whenever I feel anxious, those adult colouring books are great as a distraction xx


  2. chelseasguide says:

    Adore this post Chloe 💕. So many people will be able to read this and relate, you’re tips will really help and make a difference! I’ve never being afraid of flying but can totally relate with the feeling of being trapped still, whenever I am on a long haul flight I really struggle with the last 1-2 hours feeling very agitated and like I can’t breath properly so I will be sure to pack a colouring book to distract me the next time I go long haul! Xxx


  3. Hannah says:

    A plane is actually safer than being in a car but I get the whole not being able to escape anxiety. I normally just sleep on flights so that I don’t recall the long period of time not being able to escape. xx


  4. don't give a jam says:

    these are such helpful tips! my bf & I just went on a trip a few weeks ago. I get SO nervous flying, but we both really liked being able to watch tv on the little screens, such a nice distraction! 🙌🏻


  5. Makeup by Erin says:

    I don’t travel too often, but I totally get what you mean! I have to distract myself or I panic. I wish I didn’t because I do love flying! I love listening to music the most, it’s very helpful in distracting myself. Lovely post! xx


  6. ameliacdowling says:

    This is exactly the same reason flying freaks me out! I flew to Iceland alone recently and downloaded the ‘cabin pressure’ podcast! It’s a BBC thing with Benedict Cumberbatch and some others about a small airline and it’s really funny, I saw it recommended to help with fear of flying as it really helps to normalise the situation and shows you that people travel safely and happily by plane hundreds of thousands of times a day:) I also like to watch the cabin crew, they look so chill or even bored so I know I shouldn’t be panicking about ‘that massive bump back there’, they know it’s nothing!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. crystalsandcurls says:

    These tips are absolutely brill! I have a similar fear when flying; I know it’s absurd but for me it’s like….if you’re in a crash in a car, you can leave the car. If something goes wrong in a plane, there’s nowhere to go! ;-; xx


  8. Em says:

    Naturally I am quite a nervous person and travelling is no exception. I tend to opt for gin, but all these less boozy examples seem pretty good! I’ll definitely give them a try.
    Em x


  9. NunziaDreams says:

    Flying is definitely scary. I was born in Italy, and my mom and I used to fly back and forth from there to the US up until we moved. I haven’t been on a long plane ride since, but we did fly to California a few years back. I was definitely freaking out a little! Next year, I might go to Italy, so I’m gonna remember these tips for the flight. Tip #1, yes! An excuse to buy brand new romance novels!! 🙂 hehe!


  10. Eri.S says:

    You described exactly what I’ ve been feeling and couldn’t explain to anyone.. I have never been afraid of a plane crush, but of the situation of being trapped into a limited space, which is on the air (that makes it even more intense). So I guess it’s kind of being exposed to 2-3 phobias at the same time without having the solution to just walk away.. This year however, I am so determined to travel abroad and I will definately use all of your tips… p.s. When I want to avoid panic inside the plane, I close my eyes, focus on the music on my earphones, sing it and picture that I am already at the destination, walking on the ground. ❤


    • chloeburford says:

      Yeah you are so right! When I tell people that I am scared of flying they usually think of crashes etc, but for me it is just so scary being trapped! Maybe at first try and stick to small trips and see how that goes! Thank you for the lovely comment :)! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Eri.S says:

        Peope usually don’t understand what we mean.. This is so true.. And it is tiring to have to describe every time exactly how you feel about our specific fear of flying! I already feel better knowing that I am not alone on this, but I really wish we will solve this as soon as possible, so that we can enjoy life.. 🙂 :*


  11. chloeisobelwatret says:

    I honestly believe the reason why it’s taken me so long to renew my passport is because I’m a nervous traveller. But I’ve gotta face my fears soon as I’m going to Amsterdam for a small weekend away – I’m actually already thinking about what I’m going to pack and do on the flight to keep me busy and it’s only a 54 minute flight 🙂 – thanks for the tips lovely xox


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