Cocktails & Catch Ups

If you follow me on Instagram or are one of the lovely girls I went out with for cocktails then you are probably thinking “Chloe, why the hell are you posting this now? We went out weeks and weeks ago?!” Well, I have had so many posts scheduled so I apologise that my posts aren’t very new. But after being in a bit of a funk with writers block I have finally rediscovered my love of blogging and I am fuelled with lots of new post ideas!


So I am writing this on the 11th May and I have just come back after a week of get together’s and cocktails! I went to two different bars and both were equally as gorgeous and was defo every bloggers dream! The first was The Florist, which is a floristry inspired cocktail bar and considering I am a florist it completely blew my mind! It is safe to say I took way too many photos!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Can we just make note of how cute this bathroom is?!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV



The day after I went out to the Slug & Lettuce with Phoebe and my other work friends! If you don’t follow her already you should definitely follow her blog, not only is she one of my closest friends she is one of my fav bloggers! It is very rare all of us at work get together as someone always has to open the shop up in the morning so it is such a nice change for us to catch up and have a few drinks! They have a Slug & Lettuce in Bristol and it isn’t that great at all, I mean the drinks are great but the actual bar itself isn’t exactly instagram worthy! But the one in Bath is stunning, the walls are covered with neon signs and Desenio prints!


I didn’t take many pictures in the Slug & Lettuce as we went in the evening so as you can imagine the lighting was awful! But if you are local to Bath or Bristol I definitely recommend both of these bars, especially if you are a huge cocktail lover like me!

I am sorry this hasn’t been a super chatty post but I hope you all enjoyed it!

Until Next Time,


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22 thoughts on “Cocktails & Catch Ups

  1. Bethany Ellen says:

    The florist is right round the corner from me and I keep putting off going – after seeing this I’m going to get my bum into gear and go! Really lovely photo’s xx


    • chloeburford says:

      In which city because this one is the bristol one?:) but girl you got to you won’t be disappointed the drinks are so incredible and I’ve heard amazing things about the food too! Thank you for reading! Xx


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