Summer Struggles Collab

So this is one of my most exciting posts so far because it is a collab with the lovely Hannah. Hannah is one of the girls that makes me so so happy and grateful I started my blog, she is so sweet and her content is incredible! She blogs all things fashion, lifestyle and travel related! Her favourite series of mine is her monthly favourites and I will link April Favourites here!

Now onto the post – we all know I am a huge Autumn lover, as soon as the sun makes an appearance it is so secret that your gal struggles. So in today’s post I will be sharing my top 5 summer struggles and ways to avoid them! Remember to head on over to Hannah’s blog to read her summer struggles too!

Just a little disclaimer: All of these points seem very first world problems so don’t take them too seriously – we all know I am a girl who loves to rant.



This is by far the biggest struggle us thick thigh girls go through ever summer. Chub rub is the worst and is enough to put you off wearing shorts and skirts for good. I used to get this worse a few years back but thankfully this year it hasn’t been too bad! It is difficult enough trying to find shorts that aren’t too short or too long let alone having to wear them knowing your thighs are going to be so red and sore. If you are wearing a dress then anti-chaffing shorts will save your legs! But make sure when you are purchasing them, they are thin enough to prevent a VPL if your dress is tight. Most people stick to baby powder as an inexpensive version of the Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder. However, my fav product to use is the Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel.



It is probably embarrassing the amount of powder I apply every day during the summer. I absolutely hate spending time getting ready just for my makeup to run off my face as soon as I am in the sun. During Summer there is always a camera out, whether it is casual selfies with Cam or look books – no-one wants to see me rocking a melted away makeup look.

I always take extra steps in my makeup routine and buy products targeted to people with oily skin. Powder and setting sprays will be your best friends. On days where I know I will be active I usually set my primer as well! If you watch Mark Ferris, you will know exactly what blotting papers are. He is obsessed with them and after watching his videos and trying them out for myself I now understand the obsession. They are SO good for removing any excess oils, especially around the T-Zone.



I know this point sounds SO petty. But washing my hair takes long enough, let alone shaving every single day. I am sure we can all agree on the fact that shaving rash is hell. So I make sure I always use shaving foam or even conditioner works just as good! I have just started buying men’s razors and they are so much better than women’s, I don’t know why it has taken me so long to switch to men’s but I no longer have little cuts on my knees from shaving. Lastly moisturiser will be your saviour to prevent any shaving rashes, for more delicate areas make sure to use an unfragranced cream, but for everywhere else I use my trusty Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey Body Butter!


If you have hayfever you will know that when I say hayfever is hell you know I am not exaggerating. It is like having a cold all summer long and we can all agree that itchy red eyes and running nose isn’t a good look, I am constantly apologising for sneezing whilst trying to serve customers.

So to save me the embarrassment and pain I make sure I am stocked up. Allergy tablets (Cetirizine Hydrochloride) are a must, I am also allergic to Cams cat so I always have some tablets in my bag anyway! I picked up a packet from Boots that lasts a month and cost only £1.99 so it is super inexpensive and is a lifesaver during the Summer season! Next is eye drops, I am one of the weird people who actually enjoy using eye drops, everyone seems to hate them but me haha! Like the point mentioned above I always wear makeup which is probably a good thing because rubbing your eyes is never ever a good idea (no matter how good it feels at the time). So eye drops are so soothing. Lastly is nose sprays. I personally hate these and never use them, I would rather just always have a pack of tissues in my pocket. But my dad always uses a nose spray, so even though I’m not a fan, I do recommend them.



I am constantly having flashbacks to when I was at prom with the worlds worst tan lines. I stupidly decided to wear a t-shirt the day before prom on the hottest day ever, so you can image exactly what I looked like in my strapless dress. Even though strapless bra’s are a nightmare it is probably worth wearing a strapless top haha! An even sun cream application helps so much too! All them years my parents have nagged me about applying sun cream I am finally listening to them 19 years too late. If not, you will end up looking like me with an awful tan and twinning with a lobster.

I know this was a bit of a chatty one but it is definitely one of my favs! Make sure to check out Hannah’s post! Thank you all for reading and all the support you guys have given me recently! I have really enjoyed doing this collab so if any of you would like to collab either let me know in the comments or message me!

Until next time,


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30 thoughts on “Summer Struggles Collab

  1. chelseasguide says:

    I’ve just caught up on all your most recents, sorry I’ve been so behind! I’ve had complete writers block with life and work getting in the way so it’s been nice to read through your posts. I got chin rub on holiday and was so upset about it hahaha! Also shaving everyday is a bug bare of mine too but YES to using men’s razors! So much better!!!
    My brother had the worst hayfever ever and then my mum made him have a teaspoon of local honey every day from the end of summer until the beginning of summer the following year and since then he has never had it again! Xxxx hope you had an amazing holiday


    • chloeburford says:

      Dont you worry girl I have loads of catching up to do too as I have been on holiday this week! Writers block is the worst, just don’t put too much pressure on yourself gorgeous. It happens to all of us! Omg I got to try the honey idea, that sounds like a life saver! Thank you so much for the lovely comment, sending good vibes and hugs your way lovely xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hannah says:

    Thank you for collabing with me and for all the nice things you said about me! It was such an honour to be able to collaborate with you. I can relate to all of these struggles except for hayfever, thankfully I do not suffer from it (I thank my lucky stars) xx


  3. Makeup by Erin says:

    Chub rub is such a huge problem! I might have to check out the Lush powder, I haven’t ever seen it before! Great tips lovely! xx


  4. ameliacdowling says:

    Suncream-induced-skin-hell. I get cystic acne in winter and just as it’s starting to clear up and my skin is glowy and lovely again…it’s suncream season 🙃 I still haven’t found one that doesn’t turn my face into a greasy spot-fest 😦


  5. Laura says:

    I completely agree with these – especially shaving. I’ll shave my legs and then within a few days my legs are stubbly again 🙄I don’t have hayfever (thank god) but I sympathise so much with everyone who does – most of my family do and it’s awful xx


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