Bulgaria Blues | PART TWO

Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a fab sunny weekend, here in England we are finally blessed with a bit of sunshine! Today I am sharing the final part of my follow me around series of me and Cams holiday in Bulgaria. If you haven’t read part one yet make sure you have read that first. It is linked here! This one will be slightly longer than last weeks so go grab a coffee and a snack. I hope you all enjoy!!

DAY FOURimg_6569.pngIMG_6570.jpgimg_6573.png

I am starting off today’s post with day four, which was mostly a chilled one. We spent the day looking around our local town, doing some shopping and then relaxing on the beach. If you are looking for an affordable holiday away then Bulgaria is definitely the place to go – especially for food and alcohol! And as you can tell I was making the most of the free bar!



I am not usually one for aqua-parks, but this was by far the most fun day – and yes I screamed louder than anyone on all the slides (sorry for embarrassing you Cam). But the strangest but best part of is was that there was a mini farm attached to the park and I got way too excited about the deers and goats haha.

I absolutely loved the aesthetic of the park, there were huge garden arches and flower beds dotted around – and we all know I am obsessed with flowers, so it was definitely a lot prettier than the average aqua-park.




Recently I uploaded a look book, which is from this day! So to some of you this little bit might be a little boring. But for those who haven’t read that – this was our date evening as we booked up a romantic trip for the evening.

So after we both got all glammed up, we hopped on a coach that took us to the top of town and we went for a four course meal and had a long evening of dance acts and live music. It is safe to say that after two bottles of wine and champagne, we were very very merry – I don’t really know how we got home in one piece haha! This is the evening where Cam gave me my ring as an early birthday present and is one of my favourite memories. Read my birthday haul to admire how gorg my ring is!

DAY SEVENFile_001 (4)file_001-5.png


Note to my future self: never ever go on a boat trip when you are extremely hungover. So we stupidly agreed to go to a boat party, on paper this sounds fab, like so fun. But god I was so ill. Like embarrassingly ill. Our last evening was so bittersweet, it was happy and romantic but also so sad to say goodbye to our gorgeous hotel and sunny skies.

If I am honest I am already considering booking another trip away up, I seriously missing spending lots of time with Cam. It is so strange going from spending a whole week with him, then going back to seeing him only a couple of times week. Lets hope our next trip away is to Greece (think of the pretty instas).

Thank you all for reading as always, I will finally stop bombarding you all with copious amounts of holiday themed posts.

Until next time,



Bulgaria Blues | PART ONE

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17 thoughts on “Bulgaria Blues | PART TWO

  1. NunziaDreams says:

    I loved this series, Chloe!! ❤ It sounds like you and Cam had the best time!! I lol'd when you said you screamed on the slides!! Honestly, SAME! haha! I'm a huge baby on those slides. But they always end up being fun 😂 hehehe!


  2. Hannah says:

    It looks like you had an incredible time! I absolutely love the layout and the photos in this post. What camera/phone do you use? And how did you do those paint marks next to your photos? I am so excited for all your Greece photos. xx


    • chloeburford says:

      Thank you so much lovely!! I used cams iPhone 8 on portrait mode, and I used adobe photo sketch for all of the little paint marks – I’m glad you appreciated it because it took so long to edit haha!! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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