Unpopular Opinions #2

I would be lying if I said I was sad to be leaving my current job – but honestly I am over the moon to finally leave my retail job. So to celebrate, I am doing another unpopular opinions post but the theme is retail! So if you are a fellow retail employee then I commend you. As you can tell from the title, this is my second unpopular opinions post so make sure to read the first one here.

A little disclaimer: If any of my points made are things you have done in the past then I promise you my intentions are not to offend in any way. We all know I am a salty bitch who loves to rant.

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Having headphones in whilst at the tills is one of the rudest things. Admittedly I serve a lot of customers who either pause or turn down the volume of their music. But there has been SO many occasions where I am asking questions or creating conversation with customers and they clearly can’t hear me so I am practically shouting questions at them until they take their headphones out.

Watching someone deliberately put something back in the wrong place is the worst. So a bit of background: I work in a very small card shop so we are usually very short staffed. So when customers pick up a pile of cards then put them all in some random place in the shop, you can understand why I am a tad salty about it. Because it is like, who do you think has to find everything you don’t want dotted around the shop and put them back?  Yes granted, it is my job to make sure everything is neat and tidy. But christ it is annoying. If they politely gave them to me and said they don’t know where they go, then all is good. But don’t blatantly shove shit in the wrong place.

On the daily more than 50% of customers ignore me when I say hello. Funnily enough, sales assistants are real people too. If someone greeted you in your every day life then you instantly reply. But when it comes to shops you are basically treated as if you were invisible. Don’t get me wrong some people are so god damn nice, but others are so rude and getting ignored is becoming way too frequent haha.

The laziest thing a customer can possibly do is kick a product under the shelf after they have dropped it. This. Omg this is the worst. As I previously said, I work in a very small shop so I see everything that happens and everyone can see me. So if someone is watching you, surely you would make an effort to not be a dick? Wrong. The amount of times I have watched someone kick products we sell underneath shelves really fucking drives me around the bend. Like surely it is just general life skills you learn as child, if you drop something then pick it up. As I said, it is my job to make sure everything is tidy, but it is not my job to be a slave and tidy up after lazy people.

Unapologetically being on the phone when buying something really pisses me off.  Yes we all have our own commitments and some people are constantly having phone calls, whether it is for personal or business reasons, that’s cool. Smile or something, even a fucking nod I’m not fussed. But when someone comes to the till and slams a product on the till without even the slightest bit of eye contact makes my blood boil haha.

I realise how bitter I sound in this post but god you end up having a lot of pet peeves after years of working in retail. I hope some of you agree with me haha! What are your pet peeves?

Thank you for reading – I promise my next post will be a positive one haha! After working 6 days in a row your gal needed to vent!

Until next time,


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Unpopular Opinions #1

35 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions #2

  1. katemorningstories says:

    Omg I can totally relate with almost all of this! I worked in a drugstore as a student last summer and when you do a job like that, you just start to see how people are rude. It’s just sad to me it is the way it is.


  2. Cinnamon Buns and Roses says:

    Totally agree!!! I jumped for joy the day I no longer had to work in retail 😂
    “The customer is always right” WRONG!
    Customers are more often than not rude and act like idiots – but they paid my wages, so sure let me tidy up after your mess 😂 Sam x


  3. kittyp0p says:

    Yes! I’ve had people yell their name in my face as a reply to “hi, how are you?” and I’ve also had someone put their hand up to me (to wait) while pulling into my drive-thru, they were on their phone ordering a pizza -_-


  4. Makeup by Erin says:

    I try not to be rude to people in customer service because it’s such a hard job! Congrats on moving on to the next chapter in your life! xxx


  5. Hannah says:

    I agree with every single one of these! I think it’s good to have a little rant from time to time – better to let it out than keep it on and overboil. xx


  6. phoebefrancesca says:

    This is basically one of our many retail rants in one concise place, you should print this and stick it to the till at work – can’t wait to celebrate the end of an era on Saturday! Xx


  7. chelseasguide says:

    Oh my god hahaha, I love this post! I have just handed in my notice and finally leaving retail after 7 years and there are SO many things the public do that make me actually hate them! The lovely customers truly make your day… but there are so many unreasonable people around its enough to make your head spin. Heres some of my pet hates,
    – Trying to return something 3 years after the time frame and then saying ‘well I don’t have time to read the receipt so its not my fault, you have to do something about it, its your responsibility’. hunny. no. we are open 7 days a week and only close 3 days of the year waaaaaaah
    – ‘I want to bring this foundation back because I don’t like it’… but its half empty… ‘well I don’t like it so give me my money back, I have the receipt still.’ Is it just me who doesn’t thing not liking it is a reason to return a half used product? Its trial and error and something you have to take on the chin sometimes!
    – ‘Morning!’ …….walks past
    – *customer asks to speak to a manager*… I walk up… *customer asks to speak to a ‘proper manager’, ‘you just seem young for a manager’*

    Rant over hahaha xxxx


    • chloeburford says:

      Omg yes!! I am living for this!! Honestly I can’t get over how bloody awful customers can be, like you think you have heard it all then someone else comes in to give you a hard time. It is mind blowing!! Well done for getting a new job girly – I don’t think people realise how hard it is to work in retail haha! xx


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