Beauty Blunders & Glowing Up

So I have been sat here for the most part of today writing and deleting blog posts – it is safe to say I have serious writers block. But one thing I can talk forever about is the endless amounts of embarrassing stories I have, starting with my worst beauty blunders!

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See, I would include photos throughout this post of my thick, dark brows but no-one needs to relive that monstrosity again. So my awful eyebrow situ happened during my emo phase, and I thought: my hair is black, so lets have black eyebrows too! I used to religiously use the Sleek eyebrow palette in the darkest shade. No, no, no. I am so pale, so you can imagine what the black slugs on my face looked like – it defo wasn’t a good look!


Yep, you guessed right. This again was during my emo phase. So I wanted to be super cool and edgy and master eyeliner. But I have learn’t the hard way that I don’t have the right eye shape for liquid liner. So little 13 year old me thought, that if you line your eyes wonky, just go over it enough times until you get it straight. So by the end of it my whole eyelid would be plastered in liner.


Who else can remember this trend? When I started experimenting with makeup foundation lips was the craze. So me being me, stepped it up a notch and just used the Natural Collection concealer as a lipstick haha. I remember at the time my Dad saying about how I looked like a zombie and never really understood until it was too late.


I always hate admitting how pale I am, I like to think I have a medium skin tone but no, I am pale. But stubborn 13 year old Chloe did not want to admit that so I ended up walking around with a foundation on my face that is at least two shades darker. So since then I have definitely stuck to the lightest foundation shade! Who remembers the Maybelline dream matte mousse – do they even still sell that foundation?

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I am sure at least one of you can relate to this! What is your worst beauty blunder? 

Thank you all for reading and have a fab week!!

Until next time,


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22 thoughts on “Beauty Blunders & Glowing Up

    • chloeburford says:

      You’re so god damn lucky you missed the foundation lips trend because it was the worst!! Honestly I know the saying eyebrows should be sisters not twins but mine were so bad they looked like sisters that had a v v bad argument 😂😂!!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Makeup by Erin says:

    My eyebrows are sooooo think, so I used to basically have guy brows with a slight unibrow (cringe 🙈), but thank god I finally got that under control! 😂 Great post, it’s nice to laugh at yourself sometimes! 😅xxx


  2. Hannah says:

    I love all these stories! I’m so used to seeing perfectly made-up people on my Instagram and Facebook feed that it’s nice to know that not everyone has somehow perfected make-up overnight and also went through an awkward figuring-out-make-up stage. Your make-up looks so good now though so you must have done something right! xx


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