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I have always loved Monday’s, I have always found it so refreshing to know that you can start fresh every single week. However, this week is a bit of a daunting one. I am starting my new job this Wednesday and if I am being honest, I am shitting it. It isn’t so much anxiety over the job itself, it is more the fact I have to try and mingle and make friends. At the moment I am so comfortable with the group of girls I am working with – it is going to be so strange having to start fresh and be the new girl all over again. So keep all of your fingers crossed for me!

Right now onto the actual purpose of this post – tour our office’s. I am back again with a collab and this Monday it is with the gorgeous Carina from Simply Carina. She is such a lovely girl with a fabulous blog!! She blogs all about food and drink recipes, lifestyle posts and hauls! If you haven’t already checked out her blog you must check her out – you won’t be disappointed! Today over on her blog she is doing a desk tour, whilst I am doing an office tour, so I am sure you are just as excited as me to see what little bits she has next to her on her desk!


I am starting off my little office tour with my shelf! This shelf was super inexpensive and obviously bought from Ikea. It is basically a place to hoard all of my plants haha! (Take a shot every time you see a plant in the photos). I wish I could tell you this print is new, hence why I haven’t hung it up yet, but honestly I have had this for so long and never ever gotten around to hanging it up haha! But one thing I have actually hung up is this gorgeous heart – I was lucky enough to win a giveaway last year and was gifted this cute copper heart and I am obsessed with it!


I featured this gorg mirror in a homeware haul a while back now (linked here). If you have stuck around for a while then you will know I am constantly preaching about how fucking strong Primark’s homeware game has been recently. I believe this was something super cheap like ยฃ6 and it suits my copper colour scheme so well.


We all know I am a plant-aholic. Every single time I drag Cam along to Ikea I always come out with some giant plant. If I had it my way I would constantly have fresh cut flowers in both my office and my bedroom – but your gal’s a little too skint for that.


I absolutely love this print. Even though I am constantly swooning over prints, I have never really been the one to decorate my rooms with them. Until I stumbled upon this in Debenhams. I definitely bought this for the quote but the colour scheme so my style!


I know cork boards aren’t exactly cool anymore, but I still love mine. It is attached to my desk and I keep all my cute cards and event reminders pinned on there! Everywhere I look in my office there are candles haha – they just create such a peaceful and relaxing vibe. Even though my office seems slightly cluttered (I promise it is organised clutter) – I know all of my documents are safely stored. I keep all of my floristry business paperwork and general documents stored in a cute floral organiser from Paperchase.


If I am being honest, I probably should of done a little bit of decluttering before I decided to take photos of my office space. My desk is full of lots of little random bits of crap that I hoard – from way too many pens to pretty candles that I definitely bought for the little jar it comes in. At the beginning of the year I said to myself that I was going to create the most insta worthy desk ever, but long story short I ran out of time and money and have had to keep the gross wooden desk. Hopefully when/if I get my shit together I can finally get around to painting it a cute shabby chic colour!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and make sure to check out Carina’s post by clicking the link below! I feel like my posts are progressively getting longer and longer so if you have made it till the end then I applaud you. On Friday I will be uploading the final collab in this series so make sure you are following x

Until next time,


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51 thoughts on “Tour Our Offices

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  2. katemorningstories says:

    It’s so cute! I feel you girl. I also have a cork board but I think it’s still cool no matter what someone says. They keep you organised and at the same time I think they’re cute.
    Good luck on your job girl, you can do it!xx


  3. Chloe Luna says:

    This is soo cute, I love all of these little bits and pieces you’ve decorated with – I wish I had my own office !! Good luck with your new job girly, I’m sure you’ll be fine! xx


  4. Cinnamon Buns and Roses says:

    Your desk space looks lovely! I love the plants, this is definitely something I would like to add to my desk in the near future โค๏ธ best of luck in your new job on Wednesday! Iโ€™m sure you will rock it! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š Sam xx


  5. Makeup by Erin says:

    These pictures are so stunning! I love the little touches you added to everything! Good-luck on your new job Wednesday, I know you’ll do great! xxx


  6. hopelesswonderer says:

    Aw man office envy right now!! Also I completely agree, Primark have upped their game right now with homeware x


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