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Hello my lovelies, this is the final post from the collab series and I want to do a little shout out to the beauties I have had the pleasure of working with this month. Starting with Sophie from Hopeless Wonderer, Chloe from Little May Fly and Carina from Simply Carina. They are all fabulous girls with amazing blogs – if you haven’t already checked them out then you defo need to! But today I am collabing with Oli from Mvisoli – he has the most aesthetically pleasing insta feed and blogs all about men’s fashion and his photography is so incredible!

Today we will be doing a travel collab – I will be talking all about my top 5 places I have travelled to and Oli will be sharing his top 5 places on his bucket list. All of his links will be at the bottom of this post so once you have finished reading this, make sure to head over to his blog and show him some love!


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I don’t really know if Bath counts as a place I have travelled to considering it is where I work and not somewhere I have been on holiday to. But it is by far my favourite city in England – it is the complete opposite of London but equally just as gorgeous. Every day the streets of Bath are full of tourists and it isn’t until I take a step back I realise how lucky I am to live so close to such an amazing city. The atmosphere of Bath compared to Bristol is just so much better, everyone seems so much happier and kinder in Bath. Plus the beautiful buildings are made from Bath stone so it is every bloggers dream.




I have been to Greece 3 times and after each holiday, I have come back saying it is my favourite holiday destination yet. If you want endless amounts of tapas to eat, plenty of insta-worthy locations and Greek men to swoon over all day, then this is defo the place to go. Each time we have stayed in Lindos, Rhodes – which is the prettiest place ever and home of the Acropolis. You know when you go on holiday and each shop sells the same thing? Same magnets, same friendship bracelets, same ashtrays. You don’t get that in Greece, which I love – every shop is different and full of little quirky items.




I am sure you are all fed up with me going on and on about Bulgaria so I won’t go on too much about it – but how can I write a post without bragging about Cam at least once? So Bulgaria is lovely but reminds me a lot of Spain. Not that I am knocking Spain or anything but it isn’t the most unique holiday destination – it was definitely the company that made the holiday something special. However, there are a lot of amazing things about Bulgaria, it is extremely affordable and I believe you can even go skiing there! We stayed in Sunny Beach, which is filled with lots of shops and clubs – which is great if you want a party holiday. For a more in depth post about Bulgaria read my follow me around part one and part two!



Yes, yes I know what you are all thinking – but surprisingly this was a drug free holiday. I travelled to Amsterdam purely work related and no again, not what you are thinking. I am a florist and can assure you I was stood in no windows haha! I think Amsterdam can be amazing for all ages, whether you want a party holiday or more of a chilled touristy one. Another little city that I actually prefer is called Delft and it is easy to get to via train and is perfect for those who don’t want the party atmosphere that Amsterdam brings.



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I am being the most stereotypical tourist by including London in a travel post but it really is such an amazing city. If you have stuck around for long enough then you will remember me and Chan travelled to London earlier on in the year and spent and ate way too much! If you are new to England then London should definitely be the first city on your travel bucket list. Want to know more? Read this post!

So that’s the end of my collabs! I hope you all have enjoyed and if you are interested in collabing in the future, feel free to drop me a message! Also remember to check out Oli’s post to see where he would love to go travelling to, all of his links are below. Thank you all for sticking around and showing my blog some love – it doesn’t go unnoticed.

What’s been your favourite holiday?

Until next time,


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36 thoughts on “Travel Diaries | My Top Five

  1. Makeup by Erin says:

    I would love to go to Greece and London, those are really high up on my list! These all look like beautiful pictures though! xxx


  2. Hannah says:

    London and Bath are both such beautiful cities! I am actually going to Amsterdam later this year which I am super excited about. I have never been to Greece but I would love to as it looks absolutely gorgeous – how did you find it in terms of pricing? xx


  3. Memories & Martinis says:

    Loved reading this 😍 I absolutely adore London, bath and Greece! I haven’t visiting Amsterdam or Bulgaria yet but they are both on my bucket list!!
    Love your blog, can’t wait to see what’s coming in the future girl ❣️

    feel free to check out my blog, , I’m new to the blogging community and wanna make some likeminded friends 😂 xx


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