Cocktails, Changes & Coffee Dates

So you nearly didn’t get a post today but I definitely want my blog to be high up on my priority list, so I am sitting down with a large glass of Pinot in hand and writing a little vlog style post. Vlog’s have always been my favourite type of video to watch and lately I have been enjoying reading them too! Especially Cinnamon Buns and Roses posts – they’re the loveliest girls and you should defo check their blog out!

This is my second week at my new job and I am so happy that I am settling in well, it’s been such a daunting couple of weeks hence why my blog and Instagram has been a little neglected – so first of all I apologise for that. But I realise it’s been a while since I published a vlog style post and I have surprisingly been very busy recently.

21.07.18 – MY LEAVING DO

If you follow me then you will most likely be following Phoebe too, if you read her July favourites post then you will know all about our coffee trips and drunken antics. So to celebrate me leaving my retail job, we had a cute little shopping trip all around Bath. I wish I took more photos but town was super busy due to the carnival! So with a super big iced coffee in hand we looked around all the shops and I bought some new work clothes – can you tell work is the theme of this post haha?

Once we arrived back at her flat, she surprised me with the cutest presents for my new job! Phoebe knows me so well, everything is so my aesthetic and definitely makes me feel a little more organised at my job – keep your eyes peeled for a little haul coming soon.



I am fairly new to the clubbing scene so I never really know what to expect when someone suggests going into a club, but I loved it! So for everyone that is familiar with Bath, we went to Opa, which is a greek bar in the day and club in the evening. However it is underground, so if you get claustrophobic then this isn’t the place for you!



I don’t know whether to love or hate the fact that Phoebe got me the most drunk I have ever been – blame it on the Gin. We started the night so glam and I ended the night carrying a traffic cone home and falling over way too many times haha!

27.07.18 – MY FIRST EVENT

So my new job – I am a Social Media Administrator for a restaurant and it is everything and more I have wanted to do. We all know blogging full time is the dream, but at the moment that isn’t paying the bills and this job seems the closest thing that I can get to blogging.

2018-07-26 16.21.52 edited.JPG


There’s so many different aspects to my job, I’m doing a lot more than what I first thought. But I love it! My main thing is social media – so I’m constantly uploading on all the different platforms and we are actually considering starting a blog for the company, which is pretty cool. On Friday I done my first event, so I was basically a photographer all evening – I felt way out my comfort zone haha! But thank heavens, all went well haha!!


Thank you all for reading! I hope you all have a lovely weekend (don’t be like me and steal a traffic cone – you will get told off haha).

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41 thoughts on “Cocktails, Changes & Coffee Dates

  1. Memories & Martinis says:

    Congrats on your new job girl!! 😍 social media administrator sounds so exciting, very jealous 😭 and your night out sounded like a lot of fun (and craziness) but you looked gorg!
    Cant wait for your next blog 😘 xxx


      • Memories & Martinis says:

        Oh girl Thankyou so much, you have no idea how much that means to me 😭 😍 you’re so so welcome, I love seeing in my emails that you’ve got a new blog post out, they’re just so fun to read! Carry on doing you gorg, you’re smashing it 💕 xx


  2. Hannah says:

    You and Phoebe are literally the cutest friends! I remember seeing on her Instagram story about you and the traffic cone and finding it hilarious. Gin is probably one of the classier spirits to get drunk on but definitely brings out the weirdest behavior at times. I eagerly await the haul. xx


  3. phoebefrancesca says:

    I smiled all the way through this you cutie! Love this post and I can’t wait to hear all about your new job!! The photos are beautiful and I know you’ll be doing fab! xx


  4. Britney says:

    I love that black lacy outfit you’re wearing! Even though I can only see the top half of it. lol We don’t really have any clubs here where I live… just bars, which I’m not a big fan of. The nightlife here sucks. lol


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