All Of The Basics

Working in a small village is so good for my bank account – it means I am not constantly spending money on random rubbish. But by the time the weekend rolls around I end up having a bit to buy and recently all my makeup has run out at the same time. So today I am sharing a little drugstore makeup haul including all my staple beauty products!

Max Factor Facefinity Al Day Flawless Foundation ‘Warm Almond’

I have sworn by Max Factor foundations for so long now – the shade range is incredible and the product’s super long lasting! Admittedly I could probably do with a lighter shade but I am still trying to hold on to my Bulgaria tan haha! This only retails for £12.99 and I can’t recommend it enough.

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer

I love this primer. The glass bottle and pump feels so much more luxurious than previous primers I have used. My go to primer used to be the Collection Primer and even though the product is great – the packaging feels very cheap, so I am loving this one.

Eylure Brow Pencil ‘Blonde’

I am in a bit of a love hate relationship with this brow pencil. I ran out of my trusty NYX pencil and this was the only one I could get my hands on. I mean the colour is great and it’s very pigmented. But the pencils a little too thick for my liking so the tail of my brow isn’t as clean as I’d like. It’s not the worst, but definitely not the best. When I am next near a NYX counter I probably will pick up another NYX pencil – bad brow day’s never a good one.

Collection Bronze Glow Mosaic Powder ‘Sunkissed’

I have repurchased this bronzer so many times and it is so inexpensive. However, it is super shimmery and warm toned so if you prefer a cool toned bronzer then this isn’t for you. But I freaking love being shimmered up, it makes me feel like a glowy goddess haha!

Collection Pressed Powder ‘Ivory’

I get through quite a lot powder so I never want to splurge on a powder when I know I will be replacing it so soon. I have tried quite a few drugstore powders and this is by far the best. It is good for baking as well as setting and for £1.99 you can’t go wrong really!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer ‘Extra Fair’

I’m sorry, I know I basically talk about this concealer in every single makeup post but the newest shade is everything I am living for. I use it under my eyes and down the bridge of my nose and it brightens and highlights so well.

Obsession Setting Spray

Setting sprays are a must for me, I can’t believe I never used to set my makeup. You know when you were a teen and that really bad trend went around about using hairspray on your face? Well setting sprays are the healthy version of that haha! Typically I either use the NYX setting spray or the Revolution one and they have been amazing. But this one I am not 100% sure on. It’s okay and keeps my face matte but I’ve noticed my foundation separating around my nose and chin whereas when I use the other sprays it doesn’t.

I hope you enjoyed this haul! When I started this post I thought I’ll only be talking about a few products, but now I have finished it, I now realise how much I actually bought! In totally this all comes to £45! See you Friday for another post.

Until next time,


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22 thoughts on “All Of The Basics

  1. hopelesswonderer says:

    You still got a lot of value for money for £45 for all those products! the I need a new eyebrow pencil the one in this post looks really good!x


  2. Hannah says:

    I am really loving the photography in this post – you did such a good job showing off each make-up item! We don’t actually use any of the same products which is good because it means I have products to try. xx


  3. Chanelle says:

    I didn’t know Collection released a new concealer shade, is it lighter than Fair? The sparkly brush from Real Techniques is so pretty, how do you like it? Max Factor bases aren’t talked about enough 🙂


  4. Amy Louise says:

    I’m a lover of collection’s concealer too! I’ve lost count how many times I re-purchased haha. I’ve also NEVER (that I can remember) tried any max factor products, I may now have to give there foundation a whirl after reading your lovely post! xx


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