Embracing Being Average

Online I either see plus sized models or skinny models and nothing in between – I never see many photos of models my size. I don’t class myself skinny nor fat – I am ‘average’, but being online constantly is difficult when you can’t relate to anyone. I have been really struggling with buying clothes recently, I feel like all of the shops sizes have changed drastically or is it just me who feels like that? Before I could walk into the changing rooms with a size 8 knowing it would fit but now I can buy a size 6 in one shop and then a size 12 in another. It is just so irritating!

I have been an average weight my whole life, which makes me feel so guilty for even thinking of criticising my body online because I know I am not over/under weight. I am a healthy weight, just I feel like being average isn’t really spoken about often enough.

Being confident in my body has been something I have always struggled with and it is only recently where I have actually started to become comfortable with how my body looks and not want to change it. For years I have wanted to be thinner in some places and bigger in others but now I have just stopped caring and accepted that my boobs won’t be massive and my waist won’t be tiny. My bum will have stretch marks and my legs will have cellulite, and that’s okay. As you are reading this I will be preparing for my holiday and in the past the idea of going on holiday and wearing a bikini would terrify me, but now I feel happy with how I look. In reality most people on holiday are too busy concentrating on themselves to notice whether my bum might be a little too jiggly or how my stomach rolls when I sit down.

A Youtuber I have loving recently is Lucy Wood and my favourite series of hers is An Average Girl Tries and it is all about trying different clothing brands whilst being an average weight and I am LIVING for it. Pretty Little Thing sells some gorgeous clothes that I would add items to my basket but never go through with buying it because I know it would be the most unflattering thing ever and my self esteem would be crushed. But I think it is about time I start branching out and trying new style clothes and embracing how I look and not feel defeated and ashamed of having to size up.

The best tips I could give to people who feel the same as me is just to fake it till you make it. Some people may disagree with me but it is one tip that has always helped me. If you want to wear the crop top and cycle shorts, wear it. If you want to wear a bikini instead of a one piece, wear it. Fuck what anyone else thinks, you do you.

There’s been someone in my life who has helped me care less about what people think about me and I can’t thank him enough. For so long I’ve lived my life for others, I am a people pleaser and always have been. I’m not trying to make out that I am a total bitch, but I have stopped giving a fuck what people think about me. If you like me fab, if you hate me that’s cool too. It’s about time I start wearing what I want and doing the things I want to do rather than what I think people want me to do.

I hope this post hasn’t come across too bitchy or blunt. I just want to try and tell you all that its okay to be the size you are and there’s nothing wrong with tummy rolls and stretch marks on your boobs. It is okay to be you.

Until next time,


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25 thoughts on “Embracing Being Average

  1. Hannah says:

    I love this post. I have always been an average weight too and it can feel like we are forgotten about in the media. But as someone who can never find their size when they go shopping, I can safely assure you that we are not alone! xx


  2. abbyuppington says:

    Ah this was such a fabulous post & you are amazing.
    You are in no way “average” so get that out your mind. You are you and you is wonderful x


  3. kittyp0p says:

    You never have to apologize for what you say here- you do you, like you said! I love this because I totally feel the same. Shopping has been made a chore over the years as I’ve come into my “woman” body and out of that teen/growing phase. Jeans are the worst of all haha everything is either too big around my waist or doesn’t fit over my butt 🙈 the struggle…


  4. Makeup by Erin says:

    YES. Omg I love this. I watch this Youtuber who does a series about ‘mid sized’ bodies! She goes to different stores and shows how you can be a 12 at one and a 16 in another! It really is strange how mid sized, or average bodies, don’t get mentioned at all. I definitely understand, I have curves and some plumpness that doesn’t put me in either category!

    Liked by 1 person

    • chloeburford says:

      Omg that sounds such an amazing series, who was it? It’s annoying because if you are sensitive to sizes and numbers then the brands can really get you down when you’re buying a 14 if you’re usually a 6/8! Thank you for continuous love honey! X

      Liked by 1 person

      • Makeup by Erin says:

        Her name is Carrie Dayton! It really is love! I think her channel is really supportive and helps with trying not to feel too discouraged, I think you’d like it a lot! xx


  5. hopelesswonderer says:

    It’s all about embracing who you are, thats what makes you different, you’re absolutely stunning and I wish I could look like you!!! ❤


  6. Cinnamon Buns and Roses says:

    Halle-f’ing-lujah! I could not agree more with this post! I know for a fact my weight has not changed in the last few years (the size of my bum may be another thing entirely), but in all seriousness, I know my general shape has stayed the same. So why oh why did I once fit in a size 8, and now suddenly range anything from an 8 in one shop, to a 12 in another. I hate it so much! It makes me feel like I have changed, because surely the numbers wouldn’t lie?! I’ve since resorted to buying clothes which hang loose because I’m so self conscious of something being too tight and showing a roll here or there. I wish shops would cater to more than the stick figure teenagers now a days. Rant over! haha 😋 Sam x


    • chloeburford says:

      I’m overwhelmed with how many people relate to this post and it means the absolute world to me so thank you so much for the continuous support beautiful! It’s honestly so difficult buying clothes at the moment and it can be so bad for your mind! Xx

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  7. Wasim says:

    Absolutely nothing about you is average, believe me when I say every part of you is perfect, from your head to toe, from your smile to your voice, to your personality, don’t ever think you’re just average, because you’re so much more and I will fight you until you believe this.


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