Barcelona Blues

Happy Fri-yay! I am so excited for this weeks post as it is another collab with the gorgeous Chloe from Little Mayfly! In our last collab we recreated each others Instagram’s and it was so much fun to do – linked here. But for today’s post, we will be doing a day in photos and as you can see from the title my post will be a travel one whereas Chloe’s will be based on her average working day!

So as I am writing this it has been a week since my family holiday in Barcelona and as always I want to share what I have got up to with you! Disclaimer: I am slightly cheating with this post as I have combined two days into one (don’t kill me). 


On the first day I woke up relatively early and travelled into Salou town to have a look along the promenade and explore the cute independent shops (and spend a little too much money). Once we got back to the hotel I headed straight for the pool. I am the palest person ever so soaking up the vitamin d was essential, plus it was the perfect excuse to bury my head in a book and relax. As you can tell from the photos the weather was a bit hit and miss but no rain thank heavens! Spoiler alert: I got a tan yay. In the afternoon we hopped on the train to Las Ramblas, Barcelona and it was the busiest, most chaotic but gorgeous town. Las Ramblas was definitely the highlight of the holiday and it was so amazing experiencing the different culture.






As much as I love kids, I was so so happy that our hotel was child-free. It allowed me to spend as much time as possible reading my book in the pool.







Can you tell I was obsessing over the amount of palm trees? 99% of my holiday photos are of the palm trees (I’m sorry!!). We travelled from Salou to Las Ramblas via train and spent the afternoon exploring, shopping and trying new foods and I can’t recommend it enough! Unfortunately the sunshine disappeared in the afternoon so I am so happy we got our suntanning done in the morning haha!

However, we got extremely drunk. We went to a little baguette shop and ordered a beer expecting a normal pint or bottle to come out, but no. God was I wrong. I kid you it was the biggest beer I have ever drunk, in fact, I had to use two hands to pick it up. I drank 1 litre of beer and I am quite small so you can imagine the number of funny looks I got haha!!



Surprise surprise, it is another palm tree! But can we just appreciate how gorgeous the sunset was! It was the perfect photo opportunity.


Day two is a much different day and full of excitement. At 11am we set off to Ferrari World and if you know me personally you will know that I am just as obsessed with supercars as I am with roller coasters so this day was one I won’t forget for a very long time. But the evening was just as amazing as the day, we went to a magic show! And no it wasn’t a tacky magic show, it was a high production illusion show and it was so incredible (and the magicians were super hot but that’s not the point).




This holiday included so many firsts for me and this day had the most and I really tackled my anxiety and it was such an amazing and empowering day. I typically hate being in busy places alone, especially in a foreign country but at Ferrari world I went on several roller coasters alone and I know it seems like no big deal to most but it was a huge anxiety hurdle to tackle and I genuinely had fun talking to strangers and being in my own company. The biggest roller coaster you can see in the photo was insane, it was the fastest and tallest roller coaster in Europe and went from 0-120 mph in 5 seconds so its safe to say I screamed way too much. As I was in the queue I was thinking ‘don’t scream Chloe, stay chill and don’t embarrass yourself’ but no I screamed so fucking much.



I know I have featured this playsuit in SO many posts now but for those wondering this is my little bargain from Primark earlier on in the year! But this was the start of the magic show evening and luckily the sun was shining brightly.



You have already seen this photo on Instagram if you’re following me, but I was so freaking excited when I saw this. Flowers on a beach, can you think of a more Chloe photo?!



Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any photos inside the magic show so this one was the only one I could get. Before we went into the show we had an open bar and smaller shows to get the evening started and there was such a good atmosphere. Free alcohol, festoon lights, palm trees, sunshine and super hot magicians. What more could you want?

Thank you all for reading. I hope you all enjoyed this post and make sure you check out Chloe’s post (link below) where she talks about all of her working day and will stick to the rules and actually post a day in the life and not two days in the life haha!

Until next time,


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34 thoughts on “Barcelona Blues

  1. abbyuppington says:

    Ah looked like you had a fab time hun – beautiful photos. I absolutely loved Barca, the fact you get beach & City in one holiday is amazing. The food & architecture is so good and beautiful x


  2. kittyp0p says:

    This sounded like the perfect holiday as soon as you mention the hotel was kid-free haha I love kids too, it’s the parents I can’t stand and sometimes I wish all types of establishments had a kid-free option 🤣 everything else really rounds this vacation out to be absolutely spectacular! Proud of you for taking on the coaster alone and scream all you want girl- that’s what makes it more fun!


  3. Hannah says:

    I love your photography style – all of these photos look incredible and it sounds like you had an amazing time. I went to Barcelona last year but I did not go to Ferrari World. It sounds like so much fun and definitely something I would have loved to do whilst I was there! What was your favourite thing you bought? xx


  4. Chloe Luna says:

    You’re giving me Barcelona blues and I haven’t even BEEN hahaha, wow, looks like you had a great time!! I need another holiday already! Also, your photography is amazing as always! X


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