Coffee, Cake & Catch Ups

So this is the second time I have written this post. The first time I got 600 words in and accidentally deleted the whole fucking thing, I am the worst blogger ever, I know. So here’s take two.

Hello loves! So the other day I was scrolling down my insta feed and came across a picture of a PINK freaking latte!! So naturally, I was like what the fuck, where can I get my hands on this coffee?! I messaged Phoebe straight away and dragged her out on a hunt around Bath for the cutest cafe ever and once we found it, it didn’t disappoint. I know last weeks post was a chatty follow me around, but I don’t think I can hold off another week to upload this! If you like posts like this then you will adore Cinnamon Buns and Roses blog posts, especially their Ladies who Brunch series. They are both gorgeous girls and I am living for their posts so defo go check them out!


For all of my Bristol and Bath gals you will probably know that the cafe I am on about is the Good Day Cafe and as I am writing this it is their launch weekend and we went on their very first day. We also got 25% off our bill because it was their open day, which was super generous considering their menu is very affordable anyway. As we walked into the cafe it literally blew our minds, it was seriously ever bloggers dream.

There were succulents, hanging plants, neon lights, marble walls and pink coffee. Like what more could you want? And considering I am self-confessed plant-aholic, I admittedly did lose my shit a little when I saw how many plants there were.







This latte was the most instagram-able drink I have ever had. I low-key freaked out a little when this came to our table so for the waitress serving us I apologise how over the top we were haha! This latte was the Pink Beetroot Super Latte and it was potentially the healthiest coffee I have ever drunk haha! After taking copious amounts of photos we shared a slice of vegan victoria sponge and I can’t preach about how delicious it was, you seriously have to try it!



Overall I can’t recommend this little cafe enough, the vegan and gluten-free choices are incredible and will definitely go again, but next time for brunch! Thank you to Phoebe for being my partner in crime and always coming along with me on blogging missions and finding the cutest places.

As always thank you all for reading.

Until next time,


Where to find the Good Day Cafe: 

Instagram – here.

Website – here.

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39 thoughts on “Coffee, Cake & Catch Ups

  1. hopelesswonderer says:

    Aw this is super cute, I’m intrigued by the beetroot latte, did it still taste like coffee?1 super aesthetic as always chlo!<3


  2. Hannah says:

    The cafe looks so cute with the plants and pink latte! The Farm Girl Cafe in Notting Hill has both pink (rose water) and purple (lavendar) lattes but whilst they may look good, they did not taste good at all! How did your latte taste? xx


    • chloeburford says:

      I have seen so many photos from the Cafe you’re on about and I have wanted to go there for so long!! Thank you for reading beauty, honestly the taste wasn’t really for me, it reminded me a little of soup haha!! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. finlaygraceallan says:

    I love it when you scroll past a fab find! This cafe looks super dreamy! Their is a place up in Newcastle where I live called ‘The great British Cupcakery’ you N E E D to check out their instagram! Its where I had my first pink latte! Although yours is wayyy more D R E A M Y hands down! As always, love reading your posts Chloe!

    Finlay Grace x


  4. BlissfullyGrateful says:

    Aww how lovely!! This is exactly my type of cafe. I will be sure to go to it when I have the chance of going to Bristol (which is still in the very top of my UK cities to visit!).Thank you so much for sharing x


  5. Petal Hugs says:

    Same thing happened to me just recently, I just finished a whole blogpost and accidentally deleted it. I hated myself so much bc doing the same thing again doesnt feel the same


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