My Week In Numbers #3

Hello loves! I am back again this week with a My Week In Numbers post and this week I have spent way too much money on my car, ate a lot of avocado and moaned as much a possible about the fact I have a cold. I never know if these posts are interesting or not because I live such a normal life, but they are so fun to write. If there’s anything in particular you would like for me to upload then let me know in the comments below!


//60…\\ Miles driven on my own. If you read last weeks post then you will know that I passed my driving test – Will I mention this in every post this month? Potentially. But this weekend I have been driving around on my own and it was so much fun and I already feel 10x more independent.

//2…\\ Pots of paint purchased for my room. I am in the process of redecorating my bedroom and choosing grey paint is surprisingly more difficult than it looks. You’d think that it would be so easy to choose the perfect shade but god so many have green or blue undertones. But I am planning on having a dove grey painted room and buying vintage shabby chic decor! If you would like a blog post including before and after photos, let me know!


//2…\\ Brunch trips. I have been loving going out for breakfast at the moment and both times I have gone I have had avocado, tomato and chilli on sourdough and its super scrummy!

//5…\\ Episodes of Friday Night Dinner watched. I am late to pretty much every single bandwagon but I have finally started watching Friday Night Dinner and I am OBSESSED. This programme leaves me in stitches every single time, but there are only 2 series on Netflix so I am on a hunt for websites where I can watch the others!


//1500…\\ Pounds spent on car insurance. Driving has turned out to be more expensive than I first anticipated. £1500 on insurance with a black box, it’s ridiculously expensive but you gotta do what you gotta do.

//200000…\\ Tablets taken for this damn pesky cold. Okay a slight exaggeration. But it was a lot of cold and flu tablets. Everyone I know has been super ill recently so if you have also had the shittiest cold ever then girl I feel your pain.


//250…\\ Pages read of The Dark Heroine. I have never ever been one to re-read books – I always keep them all stored on my bookshelf but I never go to re-read them. However, this book gives me ALL the feels and even though this is my second time reading it I still can’t put it down. I am just obsessed. It is a typical vampire love story but with a dark twist.

//40…\\ Hours worked. I have been working as a Social Media Administrator for 4 months now and I feel so settled in. I manage all social media platforms and write blog posts for 3 companies and my most treasured company is Freshford Cake Company, I am super happy with the way the Instagram theme has turned out and I’d super appreciate it if you checked them out! Spoiler alert: It will make you super hungry and make you crave cakes for a v long time. 

I am sorry this has been a bit of a short and sweet post but I hope you loved it nonetheless!

Until next time,


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35 thoughts on “My Week In Numbers #3

  1. Chanelle says:

    Yes please to your decorating/painting before and after photos. I can imagine how hard it must be trying to find the ‘right’ grey, there’s so many colour options! The Insta theme for the cake company is so aesthetically pleasing and does make me hungry! 😛


  2. mvisoli says:

    i love these types of blog posts! i find them really interesting to read. i think there’s more friday night dinner on 4oD (i’ve been meaning to watch it for ages but still haven’t got around to it😅)


  3. abbyuppington says:

    Ah I love this post it was fab! Such a great structure!!
    Friday Night Dinner is one of my absolute favourites. So so funny!!!! 💖


    • chloeburford says:

      Thank you so much, I am so relieved that everyone has liked this post! Im a huge inbetweeners fan so I didnt know whether I would like watching Simon Bird act not like Will but its hilarious! xx


  4. Hannah says:

    I am so excited to see your room transformation! You should definitely do a before and after post. I am currently in the process of re-decorating my room a light beige colour and it is so hard trying to find a light brown that is more brown than yellow. xx


  5. Chloe Luna says:

    Ahhh I love this! Good to hear you’re feeling more independent driving on your own! Friday Night Dinner is the best (it’s so stupid it makes me laugh so bad) and car insurance is sooo expensive, even with the black box!! Just think in a year’s time at least it won’t be that expensive. Safe driving lovely xx


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