72 Hours in Brighton

As I am writing this I am on the train home from Brighton back to sunny Bristol and I have had the most fun but eventful weekend ever that I just have to share with you. Brighton is somewhere I have always wanted to go and each year me and Chan book up a Christmas girly weekend away. I will link our other follow me around’s to Birmingham and London here. Just a little heads up this will be a bit of a long one with tonnes of photos, so grab a v big coffee.

Friday 30th December



The Flour Pot Bakery is the main cafe I was so so excited to go to. I have been swooning over their Instagram feed for so long so it was so amazing to find it. Their style is very rustic and artisan and the hot chocolate was absolutely delish and so instagrammable!



With a Christmas Starbs in hand, a little beach photo shoot was a necessity of course so a huge thanks to Chan for being the most fab photographer ever. The photos don’t show how magical the sunset was but after a gloomy day we just managed to catch the end of a gorg sunset.




Brighton really has the most peaceful beach ever, the waves were so crazy and loud but was so incredibly peaceful compared to the hustle and bustle of the city and I think we could’ve sat there for hours with a hot choc, (well until a seagull would inevitably shit on us, lets not glamorize the beach too much haha).


IMG_0223 (1).jpg

This is the night I died. Revs is my all time favourite place for a night out, the music’s fab and it isn’t a small enclosed club, I just love it and the best part it was right outside of our hotel. Once we got all glammed up and drank way too many beers in the hotel room we made our way out and it was such an amazing night and had an underground club too. We actually managed to get a good club picture too which is always a rare occasion!! (Thank you Phoebe for the dress loan you’re a babe!!)

Saturday 1st December


So I was going to split the photos up to make it look like each day was super productive and touristy but in reality I spent the whole day throwing up and being bed bound. So Friday night was fab but maybe a little too fab, I was so so ill on Saturday and it was definitely more than a hangover. Oh boy was I fucking rough, I don’t really understand why I was so ill. After a very long nap I finally made it out of the hotel room for a chill on the beach and it was honestly so relaxing and was just what I needed. We then went for food in Ask Italian but guess who ate only two pieces of pasta? Me. But at least I managed to grab a quick photo to prove I was semi-alive that day right haha?

Now this is where it gets interesting. So midnight is approaching and me and Chan are in bed watching The Haunting of Hill House, and for those who haven’t watched it, it’s VERY fucking scary. So we are huddled together terrified and the fucking fire alarm goes off and I don’t think we have ever jumped so much in our lives haha! We legit thought demons and ghosts were coming for us haha! So we run downstairs in our pyjamas and have to stand outside in the rain surrounded by people that are all glammed up for a night in a club and we are in our fucking pyjamas, no bra, looking like drowned rats. What’s worse, the fact we may have had our hotel burn down or the fact we are dressed for bed early on a Saturday night? What a bloody day haha!

Sunday 3rd December



Sunday was the cutest day ever and a lot less eventful than Saturday thank god. Our hotel was so close to the beach and the Lanes so there were endless amounts of independent shops and cafes to explore and it didn’t disappoint!IMG_0250


So me and Chan being the cutest bffs ever went to Photomatic and got the sweetest photo box photos ever!!

IMG_0271 (1)

IMG_0268 (1)

You guessed it, we made our way back down to the beach and walked down to The West Pier and got a little rained on. Typical British weather.





We visited another Flour Pot Bakery and I am going to be writing a full blog post about all the independent cafes we discovered in Brighton. I plan on making it into a Coffee Guide series and let’s hope I actually manage to post more than just two posts in this series – we can all hope, so I won’t go into too much detail at the mo of this cafe. But overall this cafe was so lovely and all the staff was so lovely in both of the Flour Pots we went to and the latte/hot choc art is so pretty and what every bloggers dreams are made of!

Thank you all for reading, I had such a fab time in Brighton and would recommend it to anyone. The atmosphere is so amazing and there is so much love shared in this city and it is so positive and definitely lived up to the expectations.

Until next time,


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42 thoughts on “72 Hours in Brighton

  1. Hannah says:

    I love going to Brighton every Summer with my two best friends – it is such a beautiful place and there is so much to do so we are never bored. Have never been to a Flour Pot Café, will definitely have to check it out next summer. I definitely was suffering last weekend too after the work Christmas party so you are not alone. xx


    • chloeburford says:

      Omg you would absolutely love the flour pot cafe it’s the most photogenic place ever and the drinks are incredible!!! As fun as nights out are they aren’t as fun the day after haha! Thank you for reading hunny!! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. kittyp0p says:

    So jelly! Brighton has been on my travel wishlist for a few years now- anytime I see someone’s been there, looking at their post makes me wanna visit even more. It just looks like the perfect place (:


  3. NunziaDreams says:

    Your posts are always so much fun to read, Chloe!! Loved this!! It’s good that you got a mix of chill and going out moments!

    Omg, Saturday sounded like an adventure!! Side note, I can’t keep up as much as I used to when going out, I always feel awful the next day. Needless to say, I felt your pain, girl!! lol!! 😂

    Oh my gosh, the beach photos are stunning! I haven’t been to the beach in so long, and I really miss it. Brighton is so beautiful!!

    P.S. OMG Alejandro and I binge watched Haunting of Hill House in a few nights and it was so damn scary. We watched it for the first time at like 1am on a Friday…terrible idea lmfao!!

    Amazing post, love! x


    • chloeburford says:

      Thank you so much babe this means the entire world. Your comments are always so sweet! Hangovers are the worst aren’t they?! 😂 haunting of hill house is so good but I refuse to watch it on my own it’s terrifying haha!! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

    • chloeburford says:

      Brighton would be the BEST location for a hen party!! Theres so many fun things to do, so I hope you all have a fab time! Thank you for reading my post, I am glad its given you some inspo! xx


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