Fuck Boys, Feminism & Festivities

Happy 100th post! As I am editing this I have just realised how many posts we have done over the past year and it is mad looking back from my first post, so much has changed! A huge thanks to everyone for sticking around and constantly supporting me!

I am currently on my way home from a girls weekend away to celebrate the festive season, but it has made me realise how close the new year is and that kind of terrifies me because it’s like what the hell have I achieved this year? But in reality, this year has been one for growth and self-discovery. So to celebrate the end of the year approaching today’s post will be all the small but important things I have learned this year.


You don’t make friends in business. My fab work colleague Emily taught me this. This year I have had two jobs and I have always tried to get on super well with my bosses and it has resulted in me getting tonnes of work thrown on me without any incentive. You are there to be a good employee and get your work done, not be their bestie. It’s time for me to put my foot down and stop being a pushover.

Retail is fucking shit. Can you tell my work has taught me a lot this year? If you are working in retail, especially during the Christmas period, then I take my hat off to you because christ it is a hard job?! I worked in two retail shops for about 2 and a bit years and it has opened my eyes so much to how many different people there are out there. Some are lovely and some are fucking horrendous.


If he wants to fuck you on the first date, he’s probably using you. Men are strange creatures, aren’t they? I have had so many bizarre men in my life this year. Some promise you the world and others just bluntly say they want to fuck you and that’s it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying one night stands are a bad thing because you do you boo. But some men can be so disgusting and only look at you like a piece of meat. So before hopping into bed with some hottie, definitely think about it girl.

Blood isn’t thicker than water. 2018 has been a massive eye opener in respect of family. My family isn’t the biggest in the world but I love them dearly and I am a very family orientated person. But there are a couple of family members that I don’t particularly like and there once would’ve been a time where I felt so guilty for saying that because they’re ‘family’ but then I thought fuck it. If someone constantly brings you down then drop them, whether they are family or not. I have an amazing friendship group around me and they are much more my family than those two relatives will ever be.


Being average isn’t a bad thing. We all know I am hooked with Instagram and it is my job so I am constantly scrolling past photoshopped girls or rich people with amazing fashion and I am there sat in my office wearing a bobbly jumper I should’ve thrown away at least 2 years ago and black skinnies that are fading and a bitter instant coffee in hand thinking wtf am I doing, why can’t I live a glam boujiee life like them? It has taken me a long time to embrace the fact I am average, I am not ugly but nor am I beautiful, I am not skinny but I am not fat either. I am just me, average with a normal office job but that’s okay. Read more here.

 You can be a feminist and love men. Feminism is something I have gotten really involved in this year, there is such a stigma around feminism and that all feminists hate men when in reality we love men just as much as we love women. It isn’t an anti-men act its all about equality and spreading love. There is a blog post here all about my feminist views!


Beer isn’t a mans drink. If I was given a pound every time someone called me masculine as I am sipping on a beer in a club I would probably be rich by now. I hate the fact just because I’m a girl it means I am only allowed to drink wine and G&Ts. Let me drink my beer in peace and fuck the fuck off.

I hope you enjoyed this ranty post and you can relate to some of the points I mentioned. What has 2018 taught you?

Until next time,


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25 thoughts on “Fuck Boys, Feminism & Festivities

  1. Chanelle says:

    God some people are judgemental! I can totally get why you like beer, I’d pick beer over wine any day (if I drank). While some boys may make it clear they’re only after one thing at least you know before you get involved and can tell them where to go rather than feel like you’re being strung along. Great post! xx


  2. Cinnamon Buns and Roses says:

    Loved this post Chloe!
    First of all, I think you’re very beautiful. Second of all I quite like boddingtons hahaha so get you on the beer thing, like yeah whatever, off ya fuck hahahah.
    Third, we don’t pick our family so why should we always like them? We pick our friends though and sometimes those bonds are better than family.
    Last but not least – Happy 100th Post giiiiirl!!!!!
    Anna xxx
    (one half of the Cinnamon Buns and Roses Blog)


    • chloeburford says:

      This is the sweetest comment ever thank you so much angel!!! I’m literally so happy that the comment section is full of empowering pint drinking women haha! It’s so tough when family aren’t the nicest but it’s so comforting to know I’m not the only one who feels like this! Thank you so so much once again lovely! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Chloe Luna says:

    Happy 100th post girl! These are some great points, also yes to ‘blood isn’t thicker than water’ – I feel like a lot of people could let go of so many things if they realised this! xx


  4. Hannah says:

    I definitely agree about cutting off family ties if it makes you happier. Some family members feel as if they do not need to try because they are family but the truth is, they should be trying to be in your life as much as a friend should be! Also, definitely agree about the first date rule – I think it says a lot about someone in general if they are willing to go on a date with you without sex being part of it as it shows that they actually care about what you have to say. Depends what you want out of the date though I guess! Hope 2019 is everything you want it to be. xx


    • chloeburford says:

      It is so difficult distancing yourself from family because it is so expected for you all to get on when really they can be so toxic! Thank you so much for reading lovely!! Youre so right, I think I could write a book full of date horror storys haha!! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hannah says:

        I would love to read a blog post about all your dating stories, as long as they are not too personal of course and you can change the names to make it anonymous. Hopefully they are all funny to you now! xx


  5. Amelia in Hull says:

    Loved reading this post! I would have to agree with you that he’s probably using you if he wants to sleep with you on the first date. That’s just my opinion though! I agree with you in that blood isn’t thicker than water. There are some friends who are like family to me and that will never change. Xx


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