New Year, New Goals #2

Happy New Year my honeys!! I hope you all had an amazing celebration full of fizz and fireworks. Today I am back with yet again another belated post and last year I uploaded a new year’s resolutions post and I cringe at how shit my content used to be, but if you want to laugh at me a little, then it is linked here. So many people I talk to say how negative resolutions are and that they’re not worth making because if you want to make changes then why wait until the first of Jan? But I am someone who loves the start of the week, so when the new year comes along I freaking love it.

My resolutions for 2018 were to beat depression, work on my body, focus on my blog and be more fearless and to be honest, I am so proud of how much I have achieved last year. I am usually the one to laugh and be sarcastic about my lack of self-esteem but I am actually going to give myself a pat on the back for 2018. I managed to get myself my dream job in social media as well as passing my driving test. And as for my blog, I am so so fucking happy with how much my blog has grown this year, my photography has improved significantly and I can now say I have gained some amazing friends because of it – your constant love and support never goes unnoticed so thank you, I love each and every one of you tonnes.


Create the dreamiest insta

2018 was the year I started working on my Instagram properly and 95 posts later I am so proud of how it is looking so far. However, I still haven’t really found my niche or theme so that’s definitely something I want to work on this year which goes hand in hand with my blog too – in terms of numbers it would be nice to reach 600 on my Instagram and 600 on my blog. I know they all say to not fixate on the numbers but let’s be honest, everyone has an ideal number of followers in mind.

Drink less alcohol

So I was thinking of just saying ‘eat healthier’ but yes even though I probably need to exercise more and eat more veggies, my relationship with alcohol is a much bigger problem. It’s quite a ‘normal thing’ to grab a large glass of wine after a long stressful day but when you’re dealing with depression the long stressful days become quite frequent. Yes, it takes the edge off temporarily but it isn’t helping my mind at all nor does it work well with my antidepressants. So it is time to start looking after myself more! If you want a full post about my relationship with alcohol then let me know in the comments below.

Say no more

A few years back if you asked me about my resolutions then I would’ve said I wanted to say yes to more things. But now I have maybe said yes a little too much just to please others so 2019 will be the year I become more selfish, well selfish without being a total bitch. But I have yes to so many days out and parties last year, just to please everyone else and I end up having the worst time so it is about time I put myself first.


Have a routine

As much as I love change, I would like a much more organized and settled year. Now I have the job and the car I am starting to feel like I have my shit together and 2018 taught me a lot about awful bosses, unhealthy relationships and that I actually can achieve my goals. This year will hopefully be the year that I settle down with a partner, save money and maybe even get a promotion at work.

Find time for appointments

I am always the one to nag my friends about booking and attending doctors appointments yet when it comes to me I am a bloody nightmare for actually booking up appointments when I need them, whether it’s for the doctors, opticians or beauty appointments. I always moan about needing my hair cut when really I probably could find the time I just prioritize other unimportant things. This also goes hand in hand with therapy – my doctor recommends therapy but I always say oh I don’t have the time in the week because of work but really my mental health should be my top priority, not my job. This year I will get my shit together haha!


Thank you so much for reading as always. My mood has been so so up and down recently and I have been fixating on the number of followers and likes and how much it varies. But when I receive your lovely comments it makes it all worthwhile so thank you so much. Have a fab week angels.

Until next time,


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39 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals #2

  1. Chloe Luna says:

    Ohhh my goodness I LOVE these. Massive hugs to you for achieving so many things in 2018, I’m so proud of you !! So much self love! Your goals for 2019 are so well thought out and considered, I love how everything is within your best interest and focused on improving yourself in the more important ways. I really like the one of saying no more (because we’re always taught we should be saying yes to everything) and making appointments – I’m a sucker for that in the sense that I NEVER do it, it’s definitely something I need to prioritise more! xx


    • chloeburford says:

      Thank you so so much for the kindest comment. You’re the cutest!!!! I’m so so proud of you too angel, 2019 will defo be our year and be a much happier one too!! It’s so awful because we’re so obliged to say yes and be as busy as possible and make everyone happy – it’s such a struggle! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Shannon says:

    We have so many common goals!! Congrats on achieving so much in 2018, here’s to a prosperous 2019 and a cheeky follow on insta to help you on numbers cause i know from experience it’s always a lovely thing to have another follower on your journey 💕


  3. hopelesswonderer says:

    I totally agree with the say no more one. I constantly drive myself crazy trying to do a million and one things. Its all about self care now! xx


  4. Hannah says:

    Your Instagram and blog look so good – you should be really proud of yourself. I am excited to see how you progress with both of them in 2019. I found it really hard to fit therapy sessions in around my University hours so I did online therapy. It is not for everyone but as someone with social anxiety, it was easier talking to someone over messenger rather than in real life. This also meant that I could schedule the sessions around myself so in the evenings or at weekends when often therapists do not work. It is called Ieso Health if you want to look into it. I would love to work on my blog and Instagram more this year and visit all the places in Bath and Bristol that you and Phoebe keep blogging about!! xx


    • chloeburford says:

      Thank you so so much that means a lot! Oh wow ieso health sounds so good, honestly thank you so so much that recommendation I’ll definitely check it out because fitting therapy in with work is virtually impossible!!! Oh it would be amazing for you to come down and visit and see all of the beautiful places!! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hannah says:

        If it is not available in your area, just google IAPT and your borough and you should be able to see a list of places along with whether you need a GP referral or whether you can self-refer. It is always good to get on a waiting list now because it can be several weeks to months. Good luck with everything. I will definitely be down at some point this year, my sister goes to University in Bristol so we usually visit Bath as well when I visit. xx


  5. silkandspire says:

    Lovely post, I enjoyed reading your great goals! and hearing how much you accomplished last year. Some of them I can really relate to wanting to work on to. Its deffintaly important to look after yourself! and I’m also bad at booking doctor appointments. Look after yourself and I hope your weeks get more ups than downs.


  6. Chanelle says:

    Your Instagram is absolutely beautiful by the way! I like how your photos have a style but not a theme as such 🙂 Good luck for 2019, I’m sure you will smash all of these goals xx


  7. Annie Earnshaw says:

    Love your goals, and whoa those pictures are awesome!! I want to say no more as well because I want to prioritize self-care, meaning I want to sleep more mostly!! I’m also trying to be on my phone less when I’m going to bed so I can take time to decompress and process the day without staring at a screen.


  8. kittyp0p says:

    You did incredible things in 2018! I had to force myself to make an appointment mid-December in order for my 2019 to start on the right foot. Now I’m on my way to the healthiest and best me mentally as well (: I hope you achieve all your goals and more this year, good luck


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