Reflecting on 2018

So I was umming and ahhing whether I can get away with uploading another New Years post this week or whether I am just a little bit too late considering we’re now into the second week of 2019, but 2018 was such an important year for me I don’t want to miss the opportunity to talk about it. Disclaimer: Yet again this another long one so go grab a big coffee before you start reading!

London Girls Trip – April

IMG_4295 (1)

This year we celebrated Chans birthday in London and it was definitely one of my favourite trips of 2018. We explored all of the touristy spots, spent a little too much money on Oxford Street and indulged in the most amazing food. I am always guaranteed a super fun time when I am with Chan.

You can find the full post here.

Summer in Bath- June


This was such a good summer, I spent so much time with friends and was when my mental health was at my best and god I miss it. I feel like this was when I was the most me, I came out of my little anxious bubble and found my confidence on nights out. This photo is from a cocktail evening with Phoebe after we worked a shift together and makes me miss working with Phoebe so much!

New Social Media Job – July


We all know my hate for working in retail, so I when I was finally offered a job doing social media I was over the freaking moon. This photo was taken when I was doing all the photography for a work event during the Summer and I took my dad with me and it was so nice to be able to show my dad that side of my life. Up until that point, I felt so lost with where I am going with my life so it was so bloody relieved to have finally found my niche.

You can find the full post here.

My Biggest Wedding Order – August


Not only was this wedding a highlight because it was such a large order using my favourite flowers, but it was also for one of my closest friends who I used to work with! This wedding took so so much prep and was probably the toughest floristry order I have ever completed, but I was so so thrilled with the finished look and it was so amazing to be part of their special day.

You can find the full post here.

Autumn with Phoebe – September


Yet again, huge props to Phoebe for taking tonnes of cute photos for my insta. Autumn was the main season that I actually took care of myself properly. I arranged tonnes of days out, as you can see my hair is looking its best and I actually had my nails done. My insta also looked its best all thanks to The Ivy, who always nails their seasonal decorations.

You can find the full post here.

Barcelona Family Holiday – September


Now I am 20 and living a super busy life, travelling with family is quite rare now. So when my Nan surprised us all with a family holiday I legit cried with happiness. Me, my grandparents and dad spent a week in Barcelona, exploring the gorgeous sites and indulging in the hustle and bustle of the city. I would love to go back someday!

You can find the full post here.

Passing my Driving Test – October


October is the month where a miracle happened, I finally got my license. Now if you have read my blog for a while you’ll know that this really is a fucking dream come true, it took so many hours and an endless number of panic attacks, but I finally did it! I feel so much more independent and this is probably my biggest achievement of 2018.

Las Iguanas Blogger Event – November

Processed with MOLDIV

This was such a special day in terms of my blog, I was invited to my first blogger event! To mark their 21st birthday Las Iguanas hosted the most fabulous party in their newest revamped Bath restaurant. We were treated to a delicious three-course meal along with the BEST cocktails ever and to be invited to such a fab event considering I am such a small blogger meant the absolute world.

You can find the full post here.

Brighton at Christmas Time – December


Me and Chan finished the year off with another girly weekend and it was so magical and festive. Despite the miserable weather we had so much fun, but I defo have to go back during the Summer. The atmosphere in Brighton is polar opposite of what it is like in the centre of Bristol, everyone is so happy to be there and full of love and positivity! Plus the independent cafes are to die for!!

You can find the full post here and here.

I know in this post I have focused on all of the positive memories and I have read a few similar posts and I think oh shit they’re so amazing and they’ve achieved so much compared to me, but I am here to remind you that even though I had so many happy memories, I have had a lot of bad ones too. This year has been so challenging for my mental health, I have lost someone I thought was my best friend, experienced a shitty break-up and been in such a funk with what I am doing with my life as well as my depression spiraling out of control. So there has been good as well as a lot of bad, but I believe 2019 will be a much happier year.

Thank you all so much for reading and I wish you all a happy and healthy 2019!

Until next time,


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26 thoughts on “Reflecting on 2018

  1. hopelesswonderer says:

    This is such a great blog post idea, thanks for sharing so many wonderful adventures! Has the idea and fun of being able to drive worn off yet?! xxx


  2. Shannon says:

    I’m so so happy for you achieving so much in 2018, I know mental health can be an incredibly hard struggle but you’re doing amazing gal, keep it up 💕 so happy for you and all your amazing experiences – hope 2019 is just as amazing for you 💖


  3. entermyworldweb says:

    I love this post! Made me think and reflect on my 2018 😊 I just passed my practical driving test today!! It was such a relief haha! Well done on your mental health as well, it’s hard but you are doing so well! Here’s to 2019!! 🎉 xx


  4. Hannah says:

    I am so proud of everything that you have achieved in 2018 and hope you are too. Mental health is always a rollarcoaster where some days it is really good and other days it really sucks but know that it gets better as you learn how to recognize when it is on a decline and that you are surrounded by people that care about you. Here’s to 2019 being even better! xx


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