Exploring Oxford

Happy Saturday! A few months back I travelled to Oxford for the cutest day out and for some unknown reason I never uploaded a blog post about it. So for this week’s upload its going to be a super chilled out follow me around post all about beautiful Oxford.





The journey from Bristol to Oxford took just under two hours so a coffee stop was the first thing on my list of things to do, but after refueling on caffeine Christ Church was our next stop. This is a huge tourist attraction so typical Chloe blended in with all of the big tourist groups to take a million photos, but none of them do it justice – the building is just stunning. Surrounding the Church is such a tranquil walk but don’t do what I did and decide to walk in heels when its drizzling (you will slip a thousand times and have muddy heels). If you are huge Harry Potter fans then you’ll know that this is where the Great Hall scenes were filmed, but I didn’t and I ended up fangirling a little, knowing that I was stood where Daniel Radcliffe once was. Unfortunately, we never went in to explore but next time I defo need to!




Okay so I freaked out a little when I walked into the shopping centre to be greeted by a Too Faced Shop. I didn’t even realise they had a UK store so its safe to say I had to have some serious willpower to refrain spending all of my bank account on their products. The decor was all pink and luxurious I never wanted to leave, but after swatching every single shade I had to drag myself back out of the shop haha. For Christmas Phoebe kindly bought me their iconic Better Than Sex mascara and it is SO good and so worth the hype so once I run out I am definitely repurchasing!



Oxford reminds me so much of Bath because you wander down one street and you’re greeted by cobbled pavements and quaint coffee shops but then the next street there’s a huge shopping centre with luxury shops and boujiee bars. I love it so much and gives me serious holiday vibes.



There are so many gorgeous bars and restaurants in Oxford that it is virtually impossible to choose but we found a rooftop bar called The Varsity Club and it was gorgeous and every bloggers dream. With a beer in hand, we were sat on the heated seats looking over the gorgeous view of Oxford and I definitely didn’t want to leave.


I know this post was short and sweet but I hope you all enjoyed nevertheless. This year I want to plan more city breaks away and explore more, especially considering now I have a license. Have a fab week angels.

Until next time,


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31 thoughts on “Exploring Oxford

  1. jusstjanet says:

    Ahh, Oxford feels like a dream! It’s gorgeous. Haha Also yes, the better than sex mascara is my absolute favorite 💕 it’s my go to!


  2. Chanelle says:

    I am in love with this post and the pictures! I’ve wanted to visit England since I was 12 and Oxford and definitely one of the places I’d love to see! How awesome you bumped into a Too Faced shop, I’d love to try more from them as a brand but I’m on a low buy this year haha. If you like the Better Than Sex mascara try L’Oreal’s Paradise Extatic – it’s meant to be a dupe! It’s a lovely mascara x


  3. Hannah says:

    I went to Oxford in November for a Blogger event and I always forget how cute and quaint it is until I visit. I would have loved to have gone University there, had the local University not been Oxford University. xx


  4. NunziaDreams says:

    This post gives me such such positive and happy vibes, Chloe! I loved it! 💛Your pics are always so stunning. The Varsity Club rooftop pic is absolutely beautiful! One of my dream places to visit is Oxford–hopefully one day hehe!! Amazing post as always, hon! x


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