Valentine’s in Portsmouth

As I am writing this I am currently on the train back from my weekend away celebrating mine and Tom’s first Valentine’s together and it was beyond perfect. If you are new to my blog then you may not know that I am in a long distance relationship and even though there are obvious negatives to having someone you love so far away, it is honestly the best relationship and every moment we have together is cherished. So this weekend really has been so perfect and it wouldn’t be right to not share it with you and obviously show off my man a little. So I hope you all enjoy.

My journey started on Friday evening as I got on the train from Bristol to Portsmouth and 3 hours later I was reunited with my love. If you are also in a long distance relationship then you will understand the happiness and emotion you feel when you see your other half after being apart for so long. Our evening obviously kicked off with a couple bevs and then he cooked me the most amazing meal – cute right?


Saturday was so so so much fun and definitely the best date ever. We started the day off exploring Portsmouth and going on a hunt for cute instagrammable coffee shops of course. Portsmouth reminds me so much of my home town Bristol whilst having such a huge holiday vibe. You walk down one street and it’s super modern, then the other is so quaint and traditional. I am just obsessed!! We began walking around the city centre and hitting a few shops and then we went to the harbourside which is so peaceful and gave Tom the perfect opportunity to geek out a little and give me a history lesson which I’m so not mad about haha!


After our very cold touristy walk we went to the prettiest cafe ever and the food so didn’t disappoint. For my fellow Ports viewers who are interested, we went to The Garage Lounge on Albert Road and I had the best freaking bagel ever. Hummus and Avo in a bagel, what more could you want? Am I a basic bitch? Potentially. But it was so good (and also made a fab insta). The cafe had a traditional feel to it with the antique decor and huge cake stands but decorated with the most luxurious roses that defo provided the romantic valentines vibes.


Considering I am a beer drinker I am beyond relieved with the fact that Tom is also a huge beer lover, but we decided to mix things up a little and attempt to be a classy couple and pop open a bottle of Prosecco. Shocker I know. After 3 boomerangs and 4 glasses of fizz later we made our way to Huis, a Belgian restaurant and oh my god. The food!!! Huis is another independent business and you can tell they are so passionate about what they do. However, it is quite a small bar/restaurant so I defo recommend booking beforehand. Unfortunately, I never got a photo of the food but the portion sizes were amazing, I had meatballs and Tom had the pork belly and omg it was incredible. They also have vegan options which is so refreshing to see!


After walking off our huge meal we ventured to HKC vodka bar to meet up with his friends and it was literally such a typical Chloe bar. Vodka and girl power music? How amazing? The drinks are so affordable and the long list of different sweet flavoured vodkas was a literal dream. I think if I wasn’t trying to be relatively normal when meeting his friends for the first time you bet I’d be up dancing along to Destinys Child sipping on my sherbet lemon vodka.


Sunday was the most relaxing and romantic day. Obviously a little sad as it was our final day together but so lovely. It’s safe to say during the morning our heads were a little delicate from the vodka shots but after a strong coffee, we went on a little walk to the beach which reminds me so much of Brighton! We were so lucky with the weather as the sun was shining all day but still a little windy so the waves were still crashing. It was so so peaceful.


Once we got home it was time to binge-watch Netflix and nurse our hangover before it was time for me to leave. Leaving Tom is always the worst feeling but it was the most incredible weekend. I hope you all enjoyed this post, it is so nice to finally share our adventures with you!


Until next time,


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26 thoughts on “Valentine’s in Portsmouth

  1. Cinnamon Buns and Roses says:

    AAAawwwww that sounds like such a lovely weekend! I”m pleased for you guys. It’s such a shame that you guys live so far apart but at least it is just a train journey away and not across the globe somewhere. You know what they say, absences makes the heart grow fonder.
    Anna xxx


  2. NunziaDreams says:

    Aww, it sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, Chloe! The café looks super cute and the bagel looks yummy!! 💛How cute that your boyfriend cooked you dinner when you got there as well! So happy that you had a great weekend!! x


  3. Shannon says:

    That bagel looks deeelish omg!! I’m so so happy to read about your amazing weekend away!! You guys are just the cutest and I AM LIVING FOR IT!!! Honestly soo happy for you gal!!💖 xxxx


  4. Hannah says:

    Portsmouth looks so much like Brighton – it is kinda eerie!
    Sounds like you had the perfect weekend and sound happy which is all I want for you. Does your boyfriend go to University in Portsmouth then? xx


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