A Date At The Zoo

Hello honeys, I did have plans to write a blog post all about my Saturday Playlist and bring something new to the blog and not the typical follow me around, haul, mental health rant BUT yesterday me and Tom went out on a little date to Bristol Zoo and it was too perfect to not put on my blog. So I am sorry for those who were expecting new content, you’re going to have to wait another week for that. Enjoy the little spam of animals! (A little warning: There’s a lot of photos).



So I haven’t been to the zoo since I was so little and I knew that Tom would love it as much as I do, especially on the rare sunny day we had, and thank heavens we pre-booked our tickets, as it was SO busy. I forgot how pretty the zoo really is, all of the Spring flowers have bloomed and it was basically every florist’s dream. Apparently, there is something like 100,000 plants!



Now onto all of the animals, as soon as you walk into the zoo you are greeted by the prettiest flamingos ever!! (But little do you know, that I actually had to crop two flamingos having sex out of this photo haha).



The Seal and Penguin Coasts was one of my favourite sections and granted also the smelliest. It was split in half, one side is full of adorable Penguins and the other, Seals. In the Seal section, you can walk down some steps so you can see under the water and it’s like you’re in the tank with them!


Okay, so the reptile house is a little morbid. So I think we may have watched a murder take place haha. At first, we saw the Gila Monster stand on his friend (or enemy) and we laughed at first, but after five minutes he was still clambering over the other. Was it murder? Was it weird sex? Were they playing? Who knows. So this photo I have inserted on my blog may potentially be lizard murder, lizard porn or just a cute lizard. I apologise if it isn’t as innocent as I think hahaha.



No day out would be complete without a little photo shoot so thank you Tom, you make a fab photographer. Plus my shoes matched the Cherry Blossom Tree, am I winning? I think so. The zoo is such a magical place and is so picturesque – you can even get married there (aka goals).


If you are from the UK you will agree with me that it is impossible to see meerkats and not think of the Compare the Market advert haha. They are SO cute, I wish I managed to get a photo of them all cuddling in the corner. You can also buy meerkat experiences where you can go into the enclosures and help feed them – how freaking amazing does that sound?!


We finished the day with an ice-cream and it gave me serious Summer vibes! It was so nice to make the most of the warmer weather and was the most amazing day out and so much fun. However, I am slightly gutted that we didn’t manage to see the Sloth that is supposed to be there!

Thank you for all joining me on this little follow me around, I love sharing all of my date days with you as well as keeping it for me to look back on in years to come. I hope you all enjoyed.

Until next time,


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25 thoughts on “A Date At The Zoo

  1. Hannah says:

    This is such a cute little date! I went to London Zoo over Christmas for the light display but apart from that, I cannot remember the last time I went. We always went to farms as a kid rather tham zoos (probably more animal friendly idk). xx


  2. entermyworldweb says:

    Your yellow jumper is soo cute! Also I love going to Zoos and just animals in general haha. Tigers are my favourite 🐯 such a cute date idea, xxx


  3. Mackenzie says:

    What a wonderful day with gorgeous photos as ever!!! Also, that ice cream cone looks like perfection. There is definitely something about being at the zoo & getting ice cream that pairs so well together. Thanks for sharing, love ❤


  4. sapphireroses says:

    Just wanted to say that you are one of my favourites bloggers. I might not comment on your posts often, but I appreciate your writing and hope you continue to enjoy sharing your life and thoughts with us. Wish you have a great week ~


  5. Shannon says:

    Your photos are amazing and I’m DEAD at the fact you had to crop that flamingo photo cause two of them were having sex hahaha! It sounds like a super fun day and I hope you go back to spend time feeding the meerkats cause omg that sounds amazing!! xx


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