21 Things I Have Learned In 21 Years | Part Two

Hello angels, we are back today with part two of 21 Things I Have Learned in 21 Years and I quickly just want to thank you all for the amazing support over on last weeks post! I am so glad you enjoyed – now onto the other half.


It’s okay not to have a niche. 
I was actually talking about this the other day, whether I actually know who I am. I don’t have a specific favourite genre of music, nor do I have a certain fashion style. I am kind of just in the middle and like a lot of things and I think that’s okay.

They’re not judging you in a bikini calling you fat. They are probably too busy worrying about themselves.
Every single time I am in anything less than jeans and a long sleeve top the thought of people staring at me and fat shaming me creeps into my mind. Am I overweight? No. But am I skinny? Also no. But the chances of them actually taking the time and effort to judge me is extremely slim, everyone has their own issues to worry about.

Trust your gut instinct.
This goes hand in hand with the point I mentioned about trusting your parents in part one. If you are worried and think that somethings not working then trust your instinct and get your little booty out of that situation and not try and convince yourself it would get better, because 9/10 times it doesn’t get better.

Look after your body.
After years of abusing my body, I cannot preach enough about taking care of your body. Whether it is with healthy fruits or a nice scented moisturiser, take care of yourself!! You will only ever always have yourself.


Accept help when it is offered.
I really struggle accepting help, even if it is from someone I continuously help out. But they are trying to help for a reason, so accept it and don’t always try and do everything yourself, there’s nothing wrong with accepting help whether it’s from a doctor, a friend, a stranger or a colleague.

Don’t feel guilty for saying no. 
I have mentioned this before but a few years back everyone was saying how you should say yes to everything and never miss opportunities. But sometimes it can be so overwhelming to do everything and there’s no shame in saying no.

Quality is better than quantity.
Whether it is with your makeup, a blog post or your friends, quality will always be better than quantity. Having one friend that will always have your back is much much better than five friends who occasionally has your back.

It’s okay to stand up for yourself, whether it is to your friends, family or a stranger. 
If I had a shot every time someone (especially family) commented on the fact I am
fiery and feisty, I would be completely smashed. I’m not a bitch, but I also believe that you should stand up for yourself and not let anyone try and tear you down, no matter who they are.


Good things take time.
One day I will maybe try and write a blog post without mentioning Tom, however, today isn’t the day haha! Me and Tom originally met three years ago and we are so lucky to have made it work and be as close as we are, no matter what the distance. Whether it is a friendship, relationship, career. Good things take time.

No-one needs a label. 
Fixating on the need to have a label is never ever healthy. I am still so guilty of feeling the need to have a label, whether it is for my sexuality or my mental health. Am I bisexual? Have I got a dissociative disorder? I honestly don’t know and I am trying to learn to be okay with not knowing and just being me. 

Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this half just as much as the first!

Until next time,


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22 thoughts on “21 Things I Have Learned In 21 Years | Part Two

  1. Chanelle says:

    So much wisdom and things we all need to remind ourselves of from time to time. I’ve thought about this a lot recently and I think some people find it hard to accept help because they don’t want others to see them struggling. I think part of it is also because they might have asked for help before and been made to feel guilty and like they’re asking the earth. Quality over quantity 100%! Standing up for yourself is important too, I definitely haven’t done it enough in the past. If you don’t stand up for yourself people will try and take advantage xx


  2. Hannah says:

    Even more truthful lessons that everyone should know and remember. Thank you once again for sharing! I struggle a lot with being “vanilla” where I feel like I do not have a strong opinion on anything and don’t really have a niche or a label for anything I do. But maybe that is just my personality?! Also, JOMO is definitely a thing and I can preach how amazing it is!! xx


  3. chloeburford says:

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting honey! I think that it’s okay to be vanilla, not everyone has to be super opinionated! Ngl girl I had to google what jomo meant hahaha! xxx


  4. entermyworldweb says:

    These are just as on point as the first post! I definitely don’t like asking for help, but I am getting better. And I don’t have a niche either I just am me 😊 xxx


  5. Mackenzie says:

    Yay – Part 2!!! Once again- so much wisdom here!! Oh how I loved reading this. These are all soooo good- but I the two I realllly resonate with are trusting your gut instinct & not feeling guilty for saying no. So so important. I didn’t really start learning this until recently (at 25)… but I’m glad you recognize these now! Such an amazing post, girl. Thanks for sharing!


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