What You Shouldn’t Say During Summer

Hello angels, long time no speak. This month has been full of birthday celebrations so I apologise my blog has taken a backseat, but I promise there are exciting posts coming soon.

The warmer weather is approaching and summer is something I get so anxious for because it means fewer clothes are being worn. I am really excited for this post as it’s been a hot minute since I uploaded a mental health post, so today I’ll be talking all about summer struggles and what you shouldn’t mention during the warmer months.


Never point out self-harm scars.
If I got £1 every time people either stared at my scars, pointed out my scars or questioned them I think I would be a millionaire by now. The other month I actually went on a date and one of the first things I was asked was why I am covered in scars, I instantly felt so uncomfortable and speechless. Because it’s like what on earth do I say? I can’t exactly tell them my mental health story then and there, after knowing them for 5 minutes, nor can I lie about why they are there. It is blatantly obvious what they are. I don’t want to have to hide my body during the summer and feel ashamed, am I proud of them? Obviously not. Do I wish they weren’t there? Of course. But it is part of me. So if you see someone out and about with scars, cuts, burns don’t cause a scene and make them feel even shittier, life is already kicking their ass.

Cellulite and stretch marks aren’t flaws.
I have spent so long feeling insecure about my legs and worrying about whether I have cellulite or not and I blame the media! In 99% of the popular magazines, there are photos of women that are airbrushed and over-edited applauded for their thin and flawless body and on the other page, there are un-edited women criticised for their naturally beautiful body because of cellulite. Cellulite is so normal and we should all embrace it, not photoshop it out in order to be accepted and complimented.


Don’t bring attention to sweat patches.
Warm weather means that sweat patches might make an appearance, but it so normal to sweat and I may be wrong but I think that sweaty men are accepted more than sweaty women. It is fucking ridiculous. Even though sweat isn’t the best thing in the world, it doesn’t make you disgusting, so quit being grossed out and making people feel even more embarrassed!

Believing that plus size girls aren’t allowed to wear shorts and vest tops too.
I have suffered from body dysmorphia for as long as I can remember so even though I am not labelled as plus size, I feel it. I feel like I will only be pretty on a beach once I drop a few pounds and I hate the feeling. I have heard so many remarks about plus-sized girls like ‘oh she shouldn’t be wearing that‘ or ‘she doesn’t have the body for that‘ and I hate it. Why do you have to be a certain size to be allowed to wear summer clothes? It is about time we all feel beautiful in the skin we’re in, no matter what size! Whether you are a size 6 or a size 20 no-one has the right to shame your body. Embrace your beauty.


Body hair, everyone has it!
Shaving can be such a hassle, especially if you’re like me and you have to do it daily, so the chances of my legs either being a bit prickly or having a shaving rash is pretty high. But it’s not a bad thing. I have never really understood why men are allowed to have hair but women aren’t, so if you see a girl with prickly armpits, don’t be a dick. If there’s a girl tanning on the beach with hairy legs, who gives a shit?

Thank you all for reading, I am so pleased to be back blogging and can’t wait to go back to my normal upload schedule. Enjoy the sunshine and remember you are gorgeous exactly how you are!

Until next time,


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31 thoughts on “What You Shouldn’t Say During Summer

  1. Chanelle says:

    I love this post and your attitude towards everything! There is pressure for women to be hairless and I don’t get why body hair is such a taboo topic, whether you remove it or not, it’s not cool to judge someone else for their choice. I’m in the prefer not to wear shorts and don’t wear a bikini category, not because I think ‘plus sized women’ can’t rock them but because I personally don’t feel I look good, I cover up because it’s easier and because I’m so pale. I’ve had jokes made about how white my legs are in the past. Scars show we are survivors and you should never be made to feel ashamed of them ❤


    • chloeburford says:

      Thank you so so much gorgeous this is such a nice comment, it has made my day!! I really dont understand why everyone makes such a big deal about hair, when its acceptable to have eyebrows but not a moustache? It is SO confusing?!?! Thank you so much for being so supportive angel xxxx

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      • Chanelle says:

        In my opinion body hair on the individual is up to the individual and if a person can’t respect that choice then I wouldn’t want to be around them. Looking forward to more great posts like this 😊


  2. NunziaDreams says:

    Absolutely agree with everything you said, Chloe!! I’m just over here nodding my head because some people are just so ignorant. I can’t stand when people make comments about other people’s appearances and what they “should be wearing.” Disgusting. It’s like who are they to police what other people wear?! Nope.

    I don’t get why it’s seen as taboo for women to have hair on their bodies. That’s such a dumb social construct. As a woman, it feels like I have a constant microscope on me and it sucks. I totally agree that people are harsher about women sweating too!

    That guy was such a prick to say that to you. Who says that on a first date anyway??! Don’t let that stupidity get to you!! You are strong and made it through those times. Anyone who comments on your body like that is not even worthy of your time.

    As usual, your writing is amazing! Thank you so much for openly discussing such an important topic!! Loved it! x


    • chloeburford says:

      Thank you so much honey bun, this is such an amazing comment. You are so kind and thoughtful!! Society is so tough and has hurt so many people, girls especially. I think it is about time we all start being nice to eachother!! I really couldn’t believe he said that to me on the first date, it was within 20 minutes too, so rude!! Thank you so much once again for being so kind!xxx

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  3. autumngirl says:

    I love this post, absolutely amazing Chloe, you have touched on so many things in this post which affect so many people, and that guy who said that to you is crazy, who on earth says that on a first date? Just ignore him, you’re worth more than him! I love how you touched on so many issues in one post, body hair in this day and age shouldn’t be a problem, I mean cavemen and women didn’t shave did they? so why should we have to? haha, and plus sized women always get so many disgusting comments which I think is disgraceful, especially since some women might finally be happy with their size and then you call them out over it? it’s just not it, amazing post xo


    • chloeburford says:

      Thank you so much for leaving such a heart warming comment – you are so sweet! I was a bit worried about uploading this and whether people will disagree with me, but I am so happy that you like this post and agree! Its about time we all start accepting eachother and breaking the stigma! Thank you so much once again xxx

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  4. Cordelia. says:

    This is a surprising post but so freaking real! You point out the double standards that women face which infuriates me so much!!! And it’s so stupid that only a certain sized-woman can wear sleeveless tops or else they get persecuted!? BITCH, ITS SCORCHING, IM NOT GONNA WEAR A BAGGY SWEATER. My ex used to point out when I had sweat patches or hair on my armpit which made me feel like shit! Your first point is definitely the most important one, I guess some people are just plain ignorant. Appreciate this post, I should probably forward it to certain people! Hehe! 😁


    • chloeburford says:

      I always worry whether I am a bit too real on my blog but I think if I can help at least one person then my job here is done. I know right?! Why should you have to wear what society thinks you should rather than what you want to?! It makes no sense!! Thank you so much once again (be sure to forward it to them with a big middle finger up!) xx

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  5. Chloe Luna says:

    Yes to all of this !! Completely agree that it seems more acceptable for men to sweat rather than women as well, which is of course absolutely ridiculous. Also loved “if you see a girl with prickly armpits, don’t be a dick. If there’s a girl tanning on the beach with hairy legs, who gives a shit?” did you intend for it to rhyme?!?! That’s my quote of 2019 RIGHT there xx


    • chloeburford says:

      Omg I am so over the moon that you liked this post! So thank you so freaking much for reading and leaving such a lush comment as always!!! If im honest I didnt actually realise it rhymed hahaha, it was just a bit of a ramble but now I feel like maybe I am a good blogger haha!! Thank you so much once again xxxx

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  6. entermyworldweb says:

    This is an amazing post, I love it! I have always hated my legs and when it comes to wearing shorts etc I always hate people staring or if there is stretch marks or cellulite. Also the sweat patches, I do tend to sweat and I get so self-conscious about it that sometimes I have taken spare tops with me to change into. Other times I don’t care.
    I always feel like I need to lose a few pounds before I can wear certain clothes or bikinis or shorts etc, so I understand that. I had it really bad when I was younger but I have gotten better. Your attitude in this post is amazing, and thank you for talking and sharing as usual. You rock girl xxxx


    • chloeburford says:

      Thank you so so much for reading and commenting – it really does mean everything to me!! I am sorry that society has made you feel so shit and insecure, sweating is such a normal thing and it angers me cause I know if it was a guy no-one would bat an eyelid!! I promise that you are allowed to wear anything you want now and you don’t need to lose weight. You are beautiful!!! Thankyou so much once again honey!xxx

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      • entermyworldweb says:

        You are welcome! Thank you so much! I know I always try and tell myself “well men can walk around and no one cares so I can do”. Thank you so much that means a lot💖. Same to you as well, you are gorgeous! And never forget it xxx


  7. Mackenzie says:

    obsessed with this post. You are a gem. Thank you for writing this! I was saying “Amen, sista!” through the whole thing. ❤ Have a wonderful summer, m'dear !! xxo


  8. don't give a jam says:

    this is SO IMPORTANT! love that you’re talking about this. people really are out there pointing out other people’s flaws & what-not, totally not cool. i’ve been stressing a bit about wearing less in the warmer months, this definitely made me feel a bit better about it! 💖

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  9. Hannah says:

    I have only ever had two people notice my self-harm scars (not including the people that noticed whilst I was still self-harming) and both of them were sufferers of self-harm themselves. Perhaps more people have noticed and have said nothing but as far as I am aware, only two people have noticed and both people’s immediately responses weren’t to point them out but simply to ask if I was okay and if I needed to talk, which was such a comforting response. Talking with my friends and family about my self-harm scars, I think there is such a big stereotype that it is attention-seeking as why else would you choose such a physical representation of your struggle and it is only through talking them through my thoughts, did they change their thoughts. I strongly believe that more people need education about self-harm and the correct response to seeing self-harm scars.
    I love this post – thank you so much for sharing. I think you look beautiful in every single Instagram you post (I am aware that Instagram is edited but it is the only photos of you I see) and I am honestly jealous of how good you look in your close photos as well as your fashion posts. I know that these are just words from an almost-stranger but I hope that one day you will be able to see yourself the way that everyone else sees you. xx


    • chloeburford says:

      I am sorry to hear that you have struggled with self harm too and I am sending you all the love and light your way. I wish more people were educated about it and there wasn’t such a stigma around self harm and it be seen as attention seeking. Thank you so much for reading, I am so pleased that you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment and for the support, you’re so kind and beautiful xxxx

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  10. crystalsandcurls says:

    YES YES YES YES! I am HERE for this post, girl!

    First of all, fuck the guy you were on a date with – like you said, it’s generally pretty obvious what self-harm scars are and it’s the most obnoxious thing ever to point it out. Why would you go out of your way to make someone self conscious?

    Honestly, the double standards for women vs men are CRAZY. Sweat patches, hair, what we’re supposed to wear… it’s ridiculous. Women have pretty much all the same bodily functions as men so I don’t know why we’re constantly held to a different standard?

    As for having body dysmorphia, I know that having people tell you something won’t always make your brain let you believe it… but you’re absolutely gorgeous. Honestly – both your face and your figure are lovely. Go out and wear every cute thing you want to wear this summer!xxx


    • chloeburford says:

      Omg this comment made me emotional, you are such a babe!!! Thank you so much, it’s comments like this that make me so grateful to blog and be in the community. I hate that women are still being made to feel like this and that society still is so fucked. We are all beautiful and deserve to feel like we are!! Thank you so so much for being so kind, there needs to be more people like you in the world! You are such a wonderful and beautiful woman! Heres to a happy and confident summer! xxxx


  11. Sophiemagsblog says:

    Love this post a lot. Sweat at this time of year in this heat is inevitable and we need to stop feeling bad for a natural body healthy reaction! xxx


  12. Amelia in Hull says:

    Really agree with everything you said in this post! We shouldn’t judge others in summer for their stretch marks or scars or body type or body hair or anything else for that matter! Thank you for sharing this wonderful post xx


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