21st Birthday Jewellery Haul

Hello angels, I promise (kind of) that I will stop talking about my birthday after this post. But it has been a while since I have uploaded a haul and I have so many new gorgeous pieces of jewellery that I am in love with and that I have to show you!

Pandora ‘Knotted Heart’ Necklace

I am kicking it off with a super special pressie and if you read last weeks post then you will know that my Dad is my bestie as well as a father. For my 21st he treated me to this beautiful necklace and the cutest thing is that he chose it himself! At first, I was like oh shit the chains too long but low and behold, it is a freaking adjustable!! Even though I am all for crazy big Pat Butcher earrings I always opt for a dainty necklace and this one is just so beautiful and delicate.

Pandora ‘Classic Elegance’ Ring


Pandora is the only brand of rings I wear because to be honest, I am a nightmare with them. I always forget to take them off when I wash my hands or do the washing up so rings that aren’t silver probably wouldn’t survive very long haha! You are always promised amazing quality when it comes to Pandora and they last so long. This birthday my mum has spoilt me with another ring to add to my collection and it is the sparkliest and most gorgeous ring I have ever had, I am so in love. When it comes to jewellery I am basically a magpie, if it sparkles then I will want it.

Pandora Gemini Charm

Now, this is where this post gets really freaking cute. For the past month, I have been dating the most romantic guy ever and things are going so well. But instead of rambling about how amazing he is (I’m sure that post will come soon haha), I want to show you all how beautiful this Gemini Charm is that he treated me to. My Pandora charm bracelet is one of my most treasured pieces of jewellery so it is so cute that he noticed I have one and bought me such a thoughtful gift (he melts my heart). I promise this isn’t sponsored by Pandora haha. 

Gucci 1500L Watch

When my Nan and step-grandad visited to celebrate my birthday, she surprised me with the most emotional, yet most special gift in the entire world. When she pulled a box out of her bag she started to burst into tears and as you could imagine I was thinking what the fuck is going on? But when I opened the box I understood why. My Grandad passed away about 4 years ago and when he passed I didn’t get to keep any of his items and not putting up more of a fight to keep his things is one of my biggest regrets. My Grandad bought my nan two matching Gucci watches on her wedding day and she has given me one of the matching watches and whilst she has the other. It feels so nice to have something that is connected to him and truly was the most special present.

‘Knot of Friendship’ Necklace


Someone we all know and love is Phoebe, and for my 21st she bought me the cutest necklace with a personalised message in the box. This dainty necklace is rose gold, which I absolutely love because I don’t really own much rose gold jewellery. Also, can we make note of how fucking cool the wrapping paper is?! It has freaking boobs all over it!! I love it so much that I made Phoebe watch me unwrap my presents as carefully as possible for about ten mins so I could save the paper to frame haha, sorry honey.

Joma Jewellery ‘Birthday Girl’ Bracelet


I am finishing this post off with another beautiful piece of jewellery and this bracelet was from my other grandparents and it is SO sparkly. Joma Jewellery does the best bracelets and is somewhere I always shop from whether it is for me or for birthday pressies.

Thank you all for reading and for being so supportive recently, you are all babes. I hope you enjoyed this haul – I forgot how fun flat lays were?!

Until next time,


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21 thoughts on “21st Birthday Jewellery Haul

  1. Chanelle says:

    Beautiful pieces! Enjoy wearing them all gorgeous! I always used to envy people’s Pandora charm bracelets but worried because my wrists are freakishly tiny they wouldn’t work for me. I accept it’s ok that I don’t have one now haha x


  2. confessionsofabruncher says:

    Oh my gosh Chloe, you got some pretty amazing jewellery for your 21st (happy birthday!!!!!!) your new man is so super thoughtful, sounds like a keeper to me 😉 and your nan giving you the Gucci watch – honestly shedding tears right now – that is so wonderful of her to give to you; connection to a lost loved one is priceless isn’t it. Your photography in this post is amazing too.
    A xx



    • chloeburford says:

      Thank you so much beautiful lady!!! Ive got myself a good one, hes defo a keeper!! I know right, I was so emotional when she gifted me it, like honestly what a sweetie. It feels so nice to have something linked to him. Thank you so so much once again! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Cordelia. says:

    All of your jewelry is so pretty seriously wow, it makes me want to up my game! But that Gucci piece caught my eye because it so unique and that shade of blue is WOW!


  4. Chloe Luna says:

    Oh my goodness all of these pieces are so beautiful !! I’m in awe. But the Gucci watch…how beautiful omg, I was tearing up !! Love love love. Such an amazing post as always xxx


  5. entermyworldweb says:

    I am such a ring girl and that ring is sooo pretty 😍 but I am loving each piece of jewellery and I think each one tells a different story. Also that watch your nan gave you is soo beautiful and got me tearing up xxxx


  6. Hannah says:

    You got so much jewellery for your birthday! I normally get 1-2 pieces haha. All of these are such cute and thoughtful gifts, I cannot pick one favourite to comment on!! xx


  7. 50shad3s0fjay says:

    What! I’m hiring you to take all my blog photos from now on, these pictures are gorgeous, you are so talented!

    You’ve got some lovely pieces of jewellery here hun, absolutely gorgeous and I’m the same as you, my Dad is my best friend too!

    That Pandora ring is so beautiful and sparkly, I want one!!! And how cute of your boyfriend (can I say boyfriend yet or is it too soon haha?) to get you the Gemini charm. What a sweetheart. Not to sound rude but I was seeing my ex for HALF A YEAR before my birthday came around and he still didn’t even buy me a birthday card, let alone a freaking Pandora charm! Cherish this boy Chloe, cherish him!

    And the Gucci watch oh my, how special and sentimental (and absolutely stunning too), that must have been such a special moment between you and your Nan ❤️

    This post has totally made me want to go out and buy allll the jewellery now! Such pretty photos, thank you for sharing! 💖


    • chloeburford says:

      Omg you are the sweetest freaking girl ever thank you so so so much angel. Its so important to have parents that are besties too. Haha girrl dont worry its not too soon, he is my boyf now yayay! Hes defo a keeper and so freaking romantic. Girl go treat yourself to some sparkly jewellery and live your best life!! Thank you so so much once again! xxxx


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