My Winter Evening Routine – AD

Hi angels, I am finally back with new content. If you read my post last week then you will know that recently I have been going through a bit of a writer block, so it is nice to finally get back on the blogging bandwagon. Today’s post is certainly an exciting one because I am collaborating with the lovely guys from Bedtime Bliss, who specialises in the most amazing sleeping eye masks, which I will be reviewing at the end of this post, so make sure you stay till the end!


Now onto my winter evening routine. I am such a homebody and the idea of having a cosy night in is right up my street, especially now the weather has changed and the festive season is here. However, as you know I keep things very real on this blog so please don’t expect a very glamorous and boujiee routine ha!

Tidy the flat
The first thing I do as I step in the flat is tidy up, me and Harry are pretty bad at making the bed in the morning and there’s usually coffee cups lying around. Youtube is the best company when I am doing my chores and distracts me from the boredom of ironing. A few channels I have been loving recently are Rhiannon Ashlee and Fabulous Hannah – both very different I know, but so good!

Cook teaAs you all know Harry works late hours as he is a pub manager, so I am usually cooking for myself and batch cooking has been such a godsend. I want to start making better decisions with food and incorporate more veggie alternatives into my diet, I feel like all the meat and fatty foods are making me feel so sluggish and are definitely not good for the waistline haha! 

Pamper myself
Now all of the boring stuff is over, it is finally time to look after myself. As the cold weather is amongst us, my skin has felt so dry so I have been opting for all of the products that have extra moisturizer in. My favourite products at the moment are the OGX damage remedy and coconut miracle oil shampoo and conditioner. They leave my hair feeling so soft and shiny. In terms of skin-care, I don’t have the best routine in the world. Most nights I am rushing around and tend to gravitate towards a cleanser, toner and a simple moisturiser – it’s basic but does the trick! 

Grab a beer and catch up on blog work
So I can’t promise you that the blog work bit happens every night, but I try to check in on everyone’s posts as much as I can. Considering I stare at a screen all day for work, I find it quite hard to come home and then log back onto a computer, so if I am not blogging I am usually doing something a little less productive and end up watching TV on the sofa with a beer. I did warn you this wouldn’t be a very glamorous routine.  A few blogs I have been following for a while now are Gillian Finn and Gemma from entermyworld, they are both producing such amazing content and deserve so much love and support. Defo go check them out if you haven’t already.

Get ready for bed


Once upon a time I used to feel young and drink till the early hours of the morning and feel absolutely fine in the morning but now I am legit like an old lady and want to be in bed by 9pm haha. So in the new flat, we are yet to buy curtains so we are sticking with blackout blinds, but spoiler alert: they aren’t completely opaque. So my holy grail product this month has been the Bedtime Bliss sleeping mask. 


The Bedtime Bliss sleeping mask is made from bamboo and cotton and I am so obsessed with it! I have tried many eye masks in the past but never got on well with them as I am a restless sleeper and they typically end up slipping off, but this mask has a 3D breathable design so it always stays on and is comfortable! Not only does the 3D design mean it’s comfortable, but it also means that the mask doesn’t touch your eyes – I have never ever seen an eye mask like this before! You can buy this silky soft mask from amazon for only £8.90 and has super quick delivery. When I received this product it arrived beautifully packaged and came with earplugs so you don’t need to worry about light pollution or noise pollution – amazing right? Try it for yourself here!

Thank you for reading and also thank you to Bedtime Bliss for gifting me this amazing eye mask! If you are like me and struggle with sleeping, then definitely check them out and treat yourself to one.

Until next time,


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16 thoughts on “My Winter Evening Routine – AD

  1. Cordelia. says:

    I love coconut and have had my eye on that shampoo for a while now, i cant wait to go get it once im currently done with mine. Your evening routine is so cozy and lovely, and you got something that will help you sleep better too! Mmmm


    • chloeburford says:

      You so need to try it, its so amazing and leaves your hair so soft and sily. Thank you so much for reading and commenting beautiful! I hope you also have a super cosy evening routine! xxx


  2. laura says:

    I love how everyone’s evening routine involves tidying up – being an adult is so not fun ha! Great post – these days I can’t sleep without an eye mask so I’ll be sure to check out Bedtime Bliss! xx


  3. Hannah says:

    Batch cooking is a lifesaver because it means you have lunch for the next day to take into work and leftovers if you are too lazy to cook one night – kills two birds with one stone!
    I am such a grandma and like to go to bed at 10 pm but then again, I have always been like that so I can relate to wanting to have an early night! xx


  4. Chloe Luna says:

    I literally live in sleep masks !! I take them with me whenever I stay anywhere and I swear using them changed my sleeping habits forever! Seriously couldn’t do without them now. Also the fact it comes with earplugs…YES PLEASE. I’m literally the lightest sleeper ever – any noise or light and instantly I’m irritated hahaha. This sounds perfect! xxx


  5. Amy Louise says:

    I adored reading this post. I’m the same I try to spend a little more time on myself especially if I’ve had a busy day at work trying to relax before bed it sometimes super hard when my brain is still so bursting with blog ideas or things I need to get done in the lead up to xmas. Loving the pumpkin photos as well xxxx


    • chloeburford says:

      Ahh thank you so much beautiful lady!! Self-care evenings are the best aren’t they? Its surprising how crazy life can get especially around this festive time!! Thank you once again honey xx


  6. entermyworldweb says:

    I love evening routines in the Winter! Thank you so much for the mention hun 💕 I love reading your content and you are just so lovely. Also I have a sleep mask but never use it, but the one you mentioned looks really good and affordable! And I tried earplugs but I am so weird and have a fear of them getting stuck in my ears 😂 also I am a granny I love going to bed early haha! Love this post as always xxxx


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