72 Hours in Bournemouth

Hi honeys – I have noticed myself apologising at the start of every post recently for being so vacant and I so need to stop that. I really want to stop feeling so guilty for not uploading weekly anymore, because this isn’t a job or commitment, it’s a hobby that takes me away from the chaos of my life. So I am un-apologetically here a few weeks later and I am so grateful to receive so much support – you guys are the best. Now rambly intro over, onto the blog post!


If you were on this little corner of the internet last year, you will know that me and Chan spent our Christmas getaway in Brighton and this year we ventured to the lovely seaside town, Bournemouth and I freaking loved it.


We arrived on a very chilly Friday afternoon, and our hotel was s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g, like potentially the best I have ever stayed in. There was an on-site spa, a gorgeous restaurant and bar area and the rooms were beautiful and so so big! After we unpacked we went for a little walk around the Christmas market and oh my, it put Bristol’s market to shame!



The stalls were so sweet and not to mention so photogenic and I didn’t spot a single tree that wasn’t glistening with fairy lights. We ended up grabbing some cheesy chips from one of the food stalls and made our way to our first pub for a drink. We stumbled upon a pub that ended up being our local for the weekend and they brewed their own beer (how freaking cool?) and it had such a cosy vibe!



Saturday was a very chilled day to counter-act the very crazy evening. We took a stroll to Westbourne and we thought it would be a very cute part of Bournemouth, but to be honest it didn’t live up to expectations haha. We quickly stopped for a spot of lunch and I ordered the mezze board. Is it supposed to be a sharing platter? Yes. Did I share? Obviously not. As we arrived back to our hotel after our disappointing visit to Westbourne, we made full advantage of the free spa and relaxed in the jacuzzi and sauna for an hour. It was amazing! Pamper time over, we grabbed a bottle of wine to take to our room and got ready for our Saturday night.



It was such a chilly night so I opted for my trusty lace top, black skinnies and heels and we ventured into town for some food at Ask Italian. I am such a sucker for Italian food and its safe to say we lined our stomach with a lot of carbs! For starters, I ordered a cheese fondue and oh my, it was so delicious that I could’ve easily eaten another portion. I am known for being so predictable with my dinner and tend to stick with things in my comfort zone so surprise surprise, I ordered Penne Arrabiata; a spicy tomato dish. It was so tasty and the service there was amazing.

After a nice, civilised meal we surprised ourselves and ended up in a club haha! There was a cool bar upstairs with a DJ, but then downstairs was the best part. There was a little dancefloor with booths dotted around and then the best music playing. 9 G&Ts later, we walked home with shoes in one hand and snacks in the other – the best way to end a fun night.



It’s safe to say on Sunday we woke up with a sore head and was desperate for some food. After we ate our body weight in breakfast, we had a very chilly walk to the beach and stumbled on the prettiest freaking beach huts. All of the beach hut pictures will actually be in a separate lookbook blog post, so stay tuned! After a cute morning spent at the beach, we had another look around town and finished doing some last-minute Christmas shopping before heading back to the hotel to get ready for our last meal out, which was eventful, to say the least. We reserved a table at Prezzo and encountered the worst and rudest customer service ever. We all know that your gal loves a pint, and considering its 2019 it should be acceptable for girls to drink whatever they want. BUT this one lady decides to question my drink choice and give me the filthiest look ever. So the first problem is here. The second problem, our food arrives within 5 minutes after our drinks and is the blandest dish ever. The third problem, we get charged too much on our bill and get yet again another filthy look. NEVER AGAIN. After an awful meal, we quickly rushed to a pub to try and forget the trauma from Prezzo hahaha.


On Monday we had to wave goodbye to Bournemouth and ventured back home. I absolutely adored our trip away and defo need to book another trip to Bournemouth in the Summer. Have you been away this festive season?

Until next time,


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16 thoughts on “72 Hours in Bournemouth

  1. entermyworldweb says:

    That hotel looks beautiful! I would love to go Bournemouth at Christmas time. Also that prezzo sounds stupid, like what is going on 🙄 I haven’t gone away this year for Christmas but hopefully next year! Great post 😘 xxx


  2. Hannah says:

    I used to go Bournemouth every summer as a young kid since my Aunt had a flat down there but I have not been in forever! I always forget how picturesque it looks. I have never been down there for Christmas though. Sounds like you had a lovely time except for the Prezzo experience although that sounds more like someone was having a bad day! xx


      • Hannah says:

        It is lovely in the summer but I think it got a bit boring when we went there every year for about 5 years. Will have to head back and relive my childhood. xx


  3. Chloe Luna says:

    Oh my goodness, who knew Bournemouth could be so beautiful?! (Not me, apparently). Your hotel looks amazing, you look amazing and it looks like you got really lucky with the weather too, hello sun! It’s always nice to travel around Christmas as everything is so Christmassy and pretty which is so nice .xx


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