Lessons We Learned In 2019

Happy 2020 honeys, I am so happy to be in a new year and a new decade and leave 2019 behind us. The start of the year wasn’t that great, to be honest, I got cheated on, had my mental health spiral again and again and genuinely didn’t know where I was going. BUT the end of the year was thankfully amazing. I am writing this on January the 1st with a cuppa in hand and too much Christmas chocolate in the other and I am so excited about today’s post because it is a collab with the lovely Hannah from JustHannahHere. Today we will be talking about all the lessons we learned in 2019 and oh boy I learned a lot.


Trust the magic of new beginnings
Although change is anxiety-provoking, I have learned to love change and believe that when one door closes, another opens. 2019 brought a lot of changes and I feel like I grew up a lot – I had my heart broken, made friends, lost friends, learned how to love again and moved out. Although I am happy with the way my life is, I have a lot of things I want to change in 2020, I can’t wait to expand my career and step out of my comfort zone more. Trust the magic of new beginnings is one of my favourite quotes and back at the beginning of 2019 I posted it on my Instagram after finding out my shitty ex cheated on me and even though I was full of self-hate and anger, I learned a lot. I learned how to fix and love myself and that I am hell of a lot stronger than I thought I was. 

Quality is better than quantity
When you are growing up you assume that having the most of everything is best, lots of money, lots of friends and lots of followers. But I have learned that you don’t need lots of anything and that quality really is better than quantity. There was a time when I was so jealous of girls that were part of the ‘popular’ group at school, but really I know that if I was part of that I would be so scared of bitchiness and being kicked out the group. I am so blessed to have a few loyal best friends that I consider family.


You don’t have to fit into a stereotype, be you and only you
This is certainly something I am still trying to learn. I am such a cliche and once January comes around I am so quick to say new year, new me and think about how to reinvent myself and I blame social media for that. As much as I adore social media, I find myself aimlessly scrolling down Instagram swooning over stunning girls with the perfect life and the perfect body, but that is their life and body and not mine. I am slowly learning that it is okay to be me, it’s okay that I swear a lot, drink beer and get a bit sassy from time to time. It is okay that I would rather chill at home in an oversized sweater with my man than out clubbing. I’ve learned that when you try and be someone else, that is when you lose yourself. 

It’s okay not to have it all figured out yet
Four months ago I moved out with Harry and honestly, I have been winging it all along. I wish you got taught how to be an adult at school because still to this day I haven’t got a clue how to sort out my taxes or even cook a huge range of dishes. When I first moved I was terrified because I was so clueless on most things but I have learned that it’s okay if you don’t really know what the fuck you are doing and you figure it out as you go along.


If you think something is wrong, say it
I used to silence my opinion so much because I didn’t really think anyone wanted to hear it or my opinion wasn’t important enough. But this year I have become so much more confident and I think Harry is partly to blame for that too, he has shown me that it is okay to be loud and fiery and I am entitled to my own opinion and he never tries to belittle me or be the alpha male. I am so passionate about feminism and gender equality but I know that it can be controversial and now instead of letting people shame others, I speak up and voice my opinion and I am proud of that. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and you also learned amazing things from 2019. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out Hannahs post and her blog. She is a lovely lifestyle blogger and uploads the most amazing travel guides. All of her links will be at the bottom of this post.

Until next time,


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17 thoughts on “Lessons We Learned In 2019

  1. Hannah says:

    Thank you for collaborating with me! It was so interesting to read through all the lessons that you learnt this year and see which ones were similar and which ones were different. I personally love your fiery spirit and feminist side as I think it makes your posts unique and I genuinely love reading each and every one of them. Do not ever change. I love that Harry is bringing you out of your shell – I think that a partner who supports you and compliments you is exactly what everyone needs and I am excited to see where the future goes for both of you. xx


  2. Veronica M. says:

    Oh girl yes!! You seem determined to stay true to who you are in every aspect, and that’s so inspiring. 2019 was the year I struggled with doing just that, and could relate to a lot of what you shared in this post: I was so ready to silence myself so others would like me or to “keep the peace” and kept believing I had to fit all I am into a neat little box. I truly wish the best for you this year girlie! ❤


    • chloeburford says:

      Omg arent you the sweetest gal ever!!! Thank you so much honey, I hope 2020 treats you so well and is the year you are a sassy little queen and voice your opinion cause your opinion matters! Wishing you the best for this year honey xx


  3. Chloe Luna says:

    Oh my goodness these photos are GORGEOUS (will I ever stop saying that in every single one of your posts ?? probably not) please do a photography post soon !! 💗 I said this on Hannah’s post but these kinds of posts are my absolute favourites to read and make because I lovelove hearing other people’s lessons and advice so much. I love everything you said !! xxx


    • chloeburford says:

      Omg I freaking adore you, you are always soo thoughtful and lovely. Thank you so much for all of your kind words, I defo will plan a photography post and I hope you enjoy it!!! Thank you so much once again angel girl!!xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Shannon says:

    Chloe I’m so so happy for you! It’s so lovely to hear about all the lessons you’ve learnt and how you’re working on being your best self and living your best life!
    I’m the absolute worst for panicking about not having it “all figured out” yet, but it’s really reassuring that it’s not just me and that it is okay to figure it out as you go.
    I wish you all the absolute best for 2020 – you’re going to smash it! xxx


    • chloeburford says:

      Thank you so so so much gorgeous!!! Your support means the entire world to me and I am so lucky to have such an amazing friend like you. Its so important to remember that everyone doesnt have everything figured out, we all got to take it in our stride. This is our year girly!!! xxxx


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