Unpopular Opinions #5

Ah, it has been so long since I uploaded an unpopular opinions post, I have previously written about my opinions on everyday life, working in retail, being a woman and today’s post will be all about my blogging unpopular opinions. I absolutely adore reading these posts as well as writing them so I hope you enjoy. All of my previous unpopular opinions will be linked at the bottom of this post!


You don’t have to follow someone just because they follow you
One of my pet peeves when it comes to social media is that people are so focused and driven by who gets the most followers that instead of leaving a thoughtful comment on a blog post, I sometimes see ‘like for like?’ or ‘follow for follow?’. But I know that I would much rather have someone follow and read my content because they like it rather than just because I follow them. 

Self-promo on other people’s posts is rude
We all know I love a bit of self-promo and I am always referring back to older posts and linking my social media accounts, but I would never ever promote myself in another creator’s comment section. When people do this I find myself questioning whether they even read the blog post or just scroll straight down to the comments just for their own personal gain. 

A blog post doesn’t need to be a certain length for it to be good (not an innuendo, I promise haha)
This is an opinion that I am guilty of ignoring sometimes as I have scrapped posts in the past that are less than 500 words as I feel like they aren’t complete when really they are. I have read and adored posts that are only 100 words before because they are complete with photos or the blog post is a talented poem – so next time I doubt myself for writing a short post I need to look back at this post and take my own advice!


It doesn’t matter if you swear, just be you
I have found that my favourite posts to write and the ones that get the best response are the posts that I write when I am in a rambly mood and talk about a topic I am passionate about that’s close to my heart. But offline I receive a few comments about how I am a little bit too raw and honest and swear a lot. I have learnt not to let that judgment bother me, because I love that my blog is anything but fake. 

Success isn’t measured by numbers
This is very similar to the first point I made, but when I launched this little blog all I wanted was the follower number to increase, like most content creators. BUT a few years later I know that you don’t have to have thousands of followers to be a good successful blogger. Some of my absolute favourite blogs are ones with around 100 followers and I never fail to read their posts each week as their content is so authentic. So if you don’t have 4 digits in your followers it doesn’t mean you’re not successful. A successful blogger is one that is happy and passionate about their content.


What are your blogging unpopular opinions? Do you agree or disagree with mine? As always, thank you all for reading! I know I haven’t stuck to a blogging routine recently, so I appreciate that you have stuck around.

Until next time,


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20 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions #5

  1. Cordelia. says:

    I agree with all of them honestly! Especially the last one, I see super popular blogs that are honestly pretty low quality (in terms of idea, photography etc.) but i guess they do better because they are consistent? I prefer the occasional writer that generates really good stuff! Gonna read through your other unpop opinions hehe!


    • chloeburford says:

      Oh my gosh, why am I only just replying!!! I am such a bad blogger, thank you so much for the lovely comment it means the entire world to me. That’s so true, seeing smaller blogs that have such amazing and authentic content but not get the support and views they deserve is so rubbish!! I hope you enjoyed my other ones my lovely! Xxxx


  2. Chanelle says:

    There are some great Instagram accounts I follow but don’t follow me back. I hate the follow/unfollow game it’s petty. I swear a little myself and it’s ok as long as it’s not every second word or directly aggressive. Most people tend to use it to express frustration more than anything x


    • chloeburford says:

      Thank you so much, I always love reading your comments. It really does get so petty, there was a time when I felt obliged to follow back but my feed would just be cluttered with things I had no interest in seeing! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Chanelle says:

        I think that’s exactly it you’re not unfollowing because you don’t like someone but simply what they post may not appeal to you. For example I’m not a fan of travel accounts that post pictures of pretty destinations which is probably because I’ve never been on holiday or out of NZ before. I wouldn’t know where to go and don’t have anyone to travel with so those accounts aren’t appealing to me compared to someone who may travel for work or loves adventure x


  3. gemmaajaynee says:

    I love these posts girl! I think I agree with all of these haha! I am definitely on the I write what I want too and love, and agree it is not about the numbers at all. Also yess to some swearing haha xxxx


  4. Hannah says:

    I am very similar – I will only follow blogs that I honestly enjoy reading and interacting with. I used to follow so many blogs that it would take a long time to stay updated with them all but I felt like I had to because they all followed me but now I only keep up with those I enjoy. It is better as well because I can actually keep up with their lives as I remember their previous posts! xx


    • chloeburford says:

      I am so glad that you agree – to begin with its so hard to not follow back, I used to feel so guilty if I never followed someone who followed me! And thats so true, trying to keep up with everyones posts can get so time consuming!xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Debbie 💓 says:

    Yes, yes , yes, i agree with all of them 101% but to be honest these are still things i catch myself doing so i need to print this for a little inspiration when I’m starting to beat myself up , definitely going to check out your other unpopular opinion 😃


  6. Amelia in Hull says:

    I love this post! That last opinion really resonates with me as I don’t think success is defined by numbers. As long as the blogger has an engaged audience no matter how big it is and is writing about things they love then they are successful. And oh my goodness I think it’s so rude to self promote yourself on someone else’s post! I would never do that either xx


    • chloeburford says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting honey. I am so glad that I am not the only one who feels this way! It is so annoying when someone comments and just promotes their post rather than commenting on the blog you have written!! xxxx


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