I Tried The Cheapest Food In The Supermarket For 24 Hours

Hi huns, I am so excited for today’s post as it is something so unique to my blog. The other day I was scrolling through my posts from a year ago and it made me realise how much I am slacking with my content game at the moment. I used to upload posts that I was so passionate about and plan my posts well in advance so they were varied but now I find myself posting more generic ‘easy-read’ content as I know more people in my physical life are reading my blog. And as much as I preach about how I love being honest, open and raw, I still find myself second-guessing what I am saying and how I would handle judgement from the people I see on the daily, which means that I am sticking to ‘safe’ content and avoiding what I would much rather be posting about.

So from now on, I am focusing on bringing more original and unique content to my blog and attempting to not let the anxiety take over. As you can tell from the title, today’s post is a challenge! I have seen this challenge float around on Youtube for a while now and I absolutely love watching people do it so I thought why don’t I do it too but write about it instead? When I go shopping I typically buy Asda’s own brand but never the super cheap food from the Smartprice range so today’s post will be so interesting!



I struggled to find anything from the Smartprice range down the breakfast aisle, so I opted for the Golden Syrup Porridge Pot as it was the cheapest thing I could find at only 35p and when you compare that to brands like Quaker Oats where they are usually around £1-£2, so the Asda one is a lot more affordable.

I am not normally a breakfast kind of gal, but I feel like this is the perfect quick breakfast before work if you are in a rush. The Asda porridge pot is just like Quaker Oats and tastes very sweet and delicious – I can’t recommend enough. The only issue with these on-the-go pots is the use of plastic compared to buying a bag of oats and making it yourself!

Price: 35p
Star Rating:
Would I Buy Again? Yes if I need something quick!



If you know me then you know that I may have a slight noodle addiction, so of course, I had to grab a packet of Smartprice Chicken Noodles for only 14p?! F.o.u.r.t.e.e.n pence, I could not believe how much of a bargain that is.


I actually quite enjoyed the noodles and would eat them again! I can’t say that they are as tasty as brands like Super Noodles, but for 14p they were amazing. One thing I did notice is that they contain fewer calories than most packets of noodles I eat, which is handy if you are calorie counting and still want a treat. The only bad thing I can comment on is they are not as flavoursome as other noodles I eat, but for the price, you can’t complain.

Price: 14p
Star Rating:
Would I Buy Again? Definitely!



For my drinks today I have a 2-litre bottle of lemonade that cost me only 17p and I am on the fence of whether I like it or not. It is certainly good value considering the price, but the lemony flavour isn’t there at all, it tastes more like carbonated water. When I drank the first glass I did enjoy it, but after that, the fizz seemed to vanish and I had to mix the lemonade with squash to make it enjoyable. Is that cheating the challenge? Possibly.

Price: 17p
Star Rating:
Would I Buy Again? I don’t think so, no.



I cannot go without snacks throughout the day, I wish I was one of those people who stick to 3 meals and that’s it but no, I constantly have a cereal bar or biscuit to hand haha! When I was in Asda I noticed a majority of the Smartprice range was unhealthy food, so the two items I picked up were Chocolate Chip Cookies for 39p and Milk Chocolate for 30p!!

The Chocolate Chip Cookies weren’t that great if I am being honest. I can imagine they would be ideal if you were hosting a party and needed affordable biscuits, but if you’re not on a budget then these definitely aren’t the ones to buy. The biscuits don’t have much flavour and they’re certainly lacking on the chocolate chips – so these are now dedicated tea dunking biscuits.

Price: 39p
Star Rating:
Would I Buy Again? No, I won’t be.


This chocolate brings me back to my childhood, I used to always walk down to the corner shop during sleepovers and buy the cheapest chocolate I could find. When I was in the supermarket there was an option of milk, white and dark chocolate so I opted for milk! It is not as creamy when you compare it to brands like Cadbury’s and Galaxy, but reminds me of advent calendar chocolate, which I personally love.

Price: 30p
Star Rating:
Would I Buy Again? Yes!!



I was surprised to see such a wide range of ready meals in the Smartprice section, there were pies, curries and pasta dishes so I (being the carb-aholic) opted for the Bolognese Pasta Bake. The first thing I noticed was the very long expiry date, it makes me wonder how many preservatives are in the meal and question how healthy the dish is.


I don’t really know how to word this politely, but this really isn’t the best ready meal I have ever had. In fact, I had to throw it away and cook something else (maybe I am just a fussy eater?!) But you could tell how cheap the meat was, so in the future, I might try a veggie meal from their range because I think it is the meat that was putting me off.

Price: £1.10
Star Rating:
Would I Buy Again? No way

The total cost for my meals and snacks came to £2.45, which I think is very affordable and proves that you can shop on a budget. Admittedly some of the products in the Smartprice range I wouldn’t repurchase, but I can’t fault the noodles, chocolate and the porridge!

I hope you enjoyed this new style of post and if there are any other challenges you would like me to do, please let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,


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22 thoughts on “I Tried The Cheapest Food In The Supermarket For 24 Hours

  1. Chloe Luna says:

    First of all, yes to the intro of this post !! I completely feel you on feeling anxious about the people you know in real life reading your blog, I’m exactly the same! I don’t share my blog with people I know irl because I know that if I knew they were reading it I’d just completely switch off and only express 20% of what I wanted to rather than the full 100% that I do now, so kudos to you for being brave and getting on with it anyway !! Loved the idea for this post, so unique and it’s actually amazing how many things you can actually buy on such a low budget?! Like…noodles for 14p ??? Sign me up !! xxx


    • chloeburford says:

      Ahhh I knew you’d understand! You always seem to find the right words to say (why haven’t you released a book yet?!?!) – it’s so scary having someone in real life read it because you know that some of them will definitely not understand and just think it’s weird! It feels so scary to be so vulnerable online. Thank you for being such a queen and always supporting me – love you!!! Also yes I know, I bloody love noodles (let alone 14p noodles!!!) xxxxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Chanelle says:

    Wow, well done – you got everything at such a bargain price! You definitely wouldn’t be able to do that challenge in a NZ supermarket so effectively, we pay tax on food so that would put the price up haha. I feel what you mean in the intro, I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable with bridging the gap between sharing my blog and not. I don’t actively tell people about it but work colleagues and friends have come across it and I do link it in my Instagram bio. I’m definitely not embarrassed or anxious about what I post but I never want people I know in real life to feel like “why does she share that with the internet or I know her in real life but I didn’t know that about her and take it as an insult.” I blog to express MYSELF and MY FEELINGS and the connections I’ve formed with people and encouragement I get is amazing, I’ve never experienced any negativity or rudeness which I’m grateful for so anytime you feel anxious think about the people you could be helping or comforting with your words xx


    • chloeburford says:

      Oh honey I am sorry I have replied soooo freaking late! Thank you so much for reading and always giving me so much support lovely. There was so much available for such a good price, we are very lucky here! YES thats so true – being able to express ourselves and create content that means a lot to us is amazing. I just wish everyone was understanding, thank you once again for being the ultimate babe!!! xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. 50shad3s0fjay says:

    This is such a fun read Chloe, go you for stepping out of your comfort zone and having fun! I absolutely adored reading this post, girl YOU should be proud of yourself and personally, I love all your posts so just do you boo and have fun, you can’t go wrong that way ❤️

    I can’t believe the bargains you got here! A whole days worth of food for less than £3 that is incredible! So inspiring actually! Wow 😍 Like you say, the only bad thing about the porridge breakfasts is the use of plastic but even so, the big bag of oats is still so cheap I’m pretty sure I can get them for less than £2 (not the point of the challenge I know but still so cheap lol)!!!!

    Those noodles are such a bargain! Do you know if they’re vegetarian at all? Supernoodles chicken flavour have chicken fat in allegedly (I dm’d them on Insta if I remember rightly lol) but they used to be veggie until they introduced that ingredient. Boo!! Still, such a good deal though either way!! And milk chocolate which tastes like advent calendar is quite a win really. Given the choice I’d go for Cadbury’s but still, I wouldn’t say no to the one you mentioned either LOL.

    Thanks so much for sharing this fun post Chloe, it’s brightened up the blogosphere!

    Have a great week ❤️


    • chloeburford says:

      Oh my gosh how have I only read this comment now?! Your kind words mean so much to me honey, you are always so supportive and a little ray of sunshine. Thank you for showing my blog so much love (you are such an angel!!!) I honestly am not too sure if they were veggie, I think normal SuperNoodles have a Chilli Chicken flavour that are veggie though (I think???). This challenge was so much fun and I so want to try it with a different supermarket once this quarantine is over. Thank you once again for being such a babe and always showing me so much support – so much love for you!!! xxxxx

      Liked by 1 person

      • 50shad3s0fjay says:

        Haha oh my goodness I’m the same sometimes I don’t see comments for ages and I look back like omg!! 😍😍 of course my love, you know how much I love you and your blog! ❤️❤️ Oh no way really? That’s good to know I’ll have to check them out! I know the normal chicken flavour aren’t which is so sad 😭😭 but thats good to know about the chilli chicken I 100% will look it up thank you hun! Omg yes please do 😍😍 I can’t wait to read it already!! Of course lovely! Right back at ya, hope you’re okay and staying safe ❤️ Xxxxx


  4. gemmaajaynee says:

    This is such a good idea for a post, I love it! 💗 also when I was at uni I used to shop at Asda because it used to be soo cheap and my weekly shop would be about £20! But I have never tried the smart price range, what a bargain and at least you are trying it and figuring stuff out 😊 I do love a bit of cheap chocolate! love this post hun xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Debbie 💓 says:

    This is such a fun and unique read…I’ll probably give this a trial sometime and you’re so right about the intro and is why i don’t share my blog to people because I’ll just end up deceiving myself and be reluctant to post because I’m scared of people’s thought and i know this people.
    Have a wonderful week ❤


  6. Hannah says:

    This is such an interesting post – thank you for sharing! I think there is a stigma associated with buying from the basics range but honestly they are often just as good! xx


    • chloeburford says:

      Thank you so much, I am so pleased you enjoyed. That’s very true, especially during this awful time with coronavirus it shows that there are good food out there without having to spend loads! Thank you for reading and commenting lovely lady xxxx

      Liked by 2 people

  7. Amelia in Hull says:

    This is such a cool idea! We often buy the smart price Asda chocolate and I actually think it is quite nice. I completely get what you mean about the meat though in the ready meal I’m really fussy with meat and from the sounds of it it would’ve put me off too! Xx


    • chloeburford says:

      I am very fussy with meat, I think it is also because I used to be vegetarian. Thank you for reading and commenting honey, I am so pleased you liked this post – it was so much fun to do! xxx


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