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Firstly sorry for being so inconsistent with my upload schedule, remember late last year I spoke about how my content was going to improve and weekly uploads would make a come back? Well yeah, that didn’t happen… At least now I can blame my busy mum life for my lack of content creating. As lockdown restrictions are lifting I am becoming more busy and life is becoming more normal so I thought I would share what I have been up to recently for todays post! It’s a bit of a long one so go grab a coffee. 


Tuesday was the first walk of the week and this time it was with my lovely work colleague Deb. Last March I started a new job and within 3 weeks we were sent to WFH, so although we have been friends for over a year now we only physically worked with each other for 3 weeks! All throughout lockdown we continued to get closer and absolutely couldn’t wait to meet and have the worlds biggest catch up. When Boris finally gave us the thumbs up for outdoor meetings we put a date in the calendar for an afternoon meet up. On Tuesday the weather was on our side and we had a long walk around our local park and stopped for coffee – it felt so nice to have my first girly conversation in a verrry long time (you can’t beat a gossip about boys). 

Once I got home, me and Harry made our way over to his parents house to celebrate his dad’s birthday. It’s safe to say Poppy had a day of copious amounts of love and attention – it makes my heart so full seeing her surrounded by so much love. 



When Poppy was born I was so lucky that a lot of old friends reached back out to me, in fact it was quite eye opening to see who made an effort and who didn’t! Some people I thought would be supportive wasn’t and those I didn’t expect to hear from showed us so much love. Someone that did reach out to me again was Nicol. I worked with Nicol about 4 years ago in Yankee Candle and she is also a mum now (if you told us 4 years ago we would be mums now we would probably laugh!). We arranged a park walk with the little ones in Bath and this was my first time being out of my home town with Pop. We visited Sydney Gardens and had a long chat all about the joys of being post partum, the highs and lows of mum life and had a laugh all about old times. Although it had been 4 years since our last meet up, it felt completely normal and as if no time had passed at all, she’s a true friend who has shown me so much support so for that thank you Nic – if I am half as good of a mum as you then I know I’m doing good. 


Thursday was a very early get up (and by early I mean leaving the house at 8:30, which doesn’t seem early but trust me, when you have a baby it’s a mission to get out the house before midday!). Pop had her 8 week check and vaccinations and thankfully the doctors were so pleased with how Poppy is growing and has no concerns at all. But once it came to the vaccinations, omg it was just the worst thing ever – she screamed like I’ve never heard her before and it completely broke my heart. The rest of the day consisted of calpol, cuddles and many many tears! My poor little baby.



Ahhh Sunday was the best day ever as it was the day I was finally reunited with my ride or die, Phoebe. It was the first time we met up since November (maybe even October??) and it was the best feeling ever seeing her again. We spent the day in Bath and thankfully we were so lucky with the weather. Our day started as it always does, with a coffee stop! We went to a cute new cafe called Mjolk right by Bath Abbey and of course it was takeaway only but nonetheless you can’t beat a proper coffee (defo missed that during pregnancy!). We had a lovely walk all around Bath and a huge catch up on everything that’s going on – I was finally able to give Phoebe her birthday and Christmas presents that’s been collecting dust in my wardrobe hahah! It made me so freaking happy being reunited and really proved to me how much I have struggled being away from friends during lockdown. Roll on happier and healthier times when we can have the biggest booze up on a rooftop bar!

Not going to lie to you, before this week started I was so anxious of having a week full of plans as in lockdown we have gone so long being stuck in your own home where dealing with social situations is a distant memory. I am actually slightly nervous for how I will feel once lockdown ends and I know that sounds ridiculous to say because everyone is saying how much they can’t wait for it to end, but I am worried about being thrown back into normal life and dealing with all the social situations that comes with it- please tell me I am not on my own with this train of thought?! But that being said, I truly did have the most amazing week and pushing myself to get back out there was well worth it, friendships are so important and has made my heart so so full of love. I can’t wait to see them all again! 

Have you had a good week? What have you been up to, let me know in the comments!

Until next time,



14 thoughts on “Walks With Friends | Follow Me Around

  1. Chanelle says:

    It will be so nice for you to be able to have a sense of normality again but honestly when I had to go back to work after almost two months working from home I really missed the quietness and simplicity of life. To start with people were so kind to one another and it was nice to be able to chat and catch up but now I feel like people are always anxious and constantly unsure if things really are getting better that they get frustrated and tired more easily and can take it out on others when they don’t mean to, it’s still an unsettling time. Once vaccinations roll out and the majority of the world has had them that could improve things but will vaccinations prevent against all strains, what happens if a new strain is detected, will people be safe? Please don’t think I’m being a downer, it’s lovely to hear you got to catch up with your friends and colleagues but at the same time I think you’re still right to be worried and cautious xx


    • chloeburford says:

      I completely agree with everything your saying, on one hand I’m so happy to have a bit of normality back in our lives that we all need for our mental health but then on the other hand everything reopening is so terrifying because not everyone will be cautious. I hope you get the vaccine soon lovely, thank you for sharing your thoughts and reading xxx


  2. Markus + Micah says:

    What an eventful week! Envy you that life is becoming more normal. Here it is the same lockdown for over a year now. It makes me so happy that you are able to go on walks, celebrate with family, and all that. I hope all the normalcy does not stress you out and things continue to improve for you more.


    • chloeburford says:

      Where do you live? I hope things look up for you soon and lockdown eases. It’s certainly been a difficult time for everyone! Being able to see everyone again is definitely a positive thing and I’m so grateful. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂 xx


  3. gemmaajaynee says:

    It is so lovely you had such a lovely week, and you are just the best mummy! Bath looks so beautiful I definitely need to take a trip there someday. Also I am the same with lockdown restrictions I feel a bit anxious and just the business makes me feel a bit anxious, but obviously I do want normal life again. I just would like to take it a bit slower xx


    • chloeburford says:

      Oh my goodness I cannot believe I am only just replying to this! Im so sorry love. Thank you so much for such lovely and thoughtful words. Life definitely has gone from 0-100mph in seconds it feels like. I hope your doing okay, it’s so important to remember that although someone else is going at a fast pace it doesn’t mean you need to match that. Lots of love xx

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