If We Were Having Coffee #5

Ahh its been a while since I uploaded a If We Were Having Coffee post, in fact the last one was back in September 2019. Isn’t it crazy to think that back then the world was completely different, I wasn’t a mum, I was settled in my job and if you told me that we would be in a pandemic soon I would’ve laughed at you. If you want to read that post then click the link here. Right, onto the blog post!


If We Were Having Coffee… I’d of course have to start by talking about my little girl, Poppy. She is now 5 months old and such a bundle of joy. She is rolling over, giggling, only waking once in the night and reaching her milestones. I’ve booked a term of sensory classes in and so far we have only been to one class and Poppy loved it so much. There were bubbles, lights, puppet shows and lots of different toys for her to play with. But due to Covid we had to stay on our matts whereas I really wanted to get up and mingle with other mums and try to make new mum friends. But nonetheless Poppy had the most amazing time and that’s the main thing.

If We Were Having Coffee… I would ask you how YOU are. Getting used to normality again has been a shock to everyone’s system and I have spoken to a few friends who are struggling with dealing with social situations after so long of being at home and being in your own little bubble. I am trying to keep myself busy most weeks but it is so so important to schedule home and mental health days to take care of yourself. You don’t have to go 100mph just because the person you see on Instagram is.


If We Were Having Coffee…We would be at one of my favourite places, Hartley Farm. About a month ago, one of my closest friends Deb introduced me to this gorgeous farm and since then I have been back a few times with Harry and love it. Hartley Farm consists of a small farm shop and the barns been converted into a gorgeous café, complete with festoon lights and they sell the BEST cakes.

If We Were Having Coffee… I would do the most British thing and complain about the weather, something us Brits are so incredibly guilty of is complaining about the weather, whether it’s too hot, too cold, too cloudy. But one thing I can’t cope with is the summer heat and the hay fever that accompanies it. We’ve just gone through a pandemic, can’t pollen give us a year off haha?! And yes this weather is beautiful, but have you ever tried to settle a hot baby whilst cramming a pram in the boot of your car in 27 degree heat? Roll on Autumn (sorry).


If We Were Having Coffee… I would urge you to watch The Pact on BBC iPlayer, it is a 6 part drama series about a murder. Me and Harry have just finished watching it, the ending was a little predictable but still so gripping right from the start. BBC always nails a drama series. Another amazing BBC series we’ve watched is Time, a little gruesome at times but a really good watch.

If We Were Having Coffee… I’d be sharing my excitement about my birthday. As I am typing this, it’s my birthday-eve! This time last year I was at the end of my first trimester, the awful pregnancy side effects were kicking my ass big time and my depression plummeted after coming off my tablets. Whereas this year its my 23rd birthday, 1st birthday as a mum and I’m no longer depressed – so much can change in 1 year. Tomorrow I’ll have my first baby free evening, me and Harry are having a date night at our local pub and I can’t wait!


If We Were Having Coffee… I would show off my new car, of course! My dad has helped me find a new car as having a 3 door with a baby was becoming impossible. I have treated myself to a new 5 door Ford Fiesta and it is BEAUTIFUL. Plus makes my life 1000 times easier.

As always, thank you for all for reading, I hope you are having a fabulous week and life is treating you well. It feels so nice to be back blogging, I am dedicating a couple of hours each week on Harrys day off to pop to Costa to get some blogging work done whilst he’s on baby sitting duties. When I am at home, blogging seems to be on the bottom on my to do list so I am so happy I am dedicating time away from the house to work.

Until next time,



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9 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee #5

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Loved reading this post and update!! Congrats on your new car! And Poppy is soo sweet. I probably already commented this before, but I love her name. I can feel your joy reading this post, I’m so happy for your happiness!!! 💕


  2. 50shad3s0fjay says:

    I am SO SO PROUD OF YOU! You’re doing amazing Queen! I love that you’re dedicating time to your blog on Harry’s day off, I am just in awe of you and how you are balancing everything and looking out for yourself. You’re just incredible! Also that really touched my heart – ‘Whereas this year its my 23rd birthday, 1st birthday as a mum and I’m no longer depressed – so much can change in 1 year.’ Thank you so much for sharing Goddess, this is everything ❤️ I hope you had the most beautiful birthday my beautiful friend, here’s to all the magick! Love you ❤️


    • chloeburford says:

      Ahhh thank you so much gorgeous girl!!! I have to admit I feel like I’ve lost my space in the blogging community since not regularly uploading so your constant support means more than you’ll ever know!! My first birthday as a mum was absolutely fabulous, cannot wait to share a blog post on it. Thank you so much again and I love you lots!! Xxxx


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