Shopping In Bath & Gingham OOTD

Good evening loves, I am back with another follow me around and OOTD post. It’s been a hot minute since I have shared an outfit of the day and that’s probably because my wardrobe hasn’t been the most glamorous this past year –  loungewear, maternity clothes, then back to post partum loungewear. But I am slowly getting my shit together and my wardrobe is improving (slightly). Before we do share the OOTD, let’s start with the follow me around…

Follow Me Around


On Sunday I drove into the gorgeous city of Bath to meet my bestie Phoebe for coffee and a spot of shopping. However when I left my home the sky was very grey, but I got to Bath and it was HOT. Did I dress for the occasion? Of course not, it was definitely too warm for my liking, thank heavens for air conditioned shops! As I met Phoebe, our first stop for the day was Primark for the first time in a year. I treated myself to some mom jeans and now they are home I have mixed feelings, I so don’t feel cool enough to pull off mom jeans hahaha. We went down to the baby section and I picked up the cutest jumper for Poppy for the winter, a dress and some vests for when she outgrows her 3-6mth clothes. I can’t believe how affordable their baby clothes are – £3 for a dress!

Primark trip over, Phoebe took me to her favourite cafe, Mjolk and I now know why it’s her favourite. Situated by The Abbey you’ll find a gorgeous small café that sells the best coffee ever. It is so nice to have a long catch up with my bestie, one thing lockdown and having a baby has taught me is the importance of friendship and why you should never take them for granted! As much as I adore Poppy, conversations with her are never very intellectual haha so it’s great to actually have an adult conversation with someone.

Our next stop of the day is Joules. Poppy was kindly gifted a gorgeous winter coat but unfortunately it is the wrong size, so we ventured there to swap it for a bigger size. Okay story time – so there is a disabled lift to get you down 3 steps and its one of those open top glass ones that are only big enough for a wheelchair. I get in there, squeeze the pram, bags and me into this tiny TRANSPARENT lift, click a button to go down three whole steps and can I get out, no? Only I could get stuck in the worlds smallest lift with a screaming baby hahaha. Shout out to the employees who saved me, and why did I get stuck you may ask? I didn’t hold the button down for long enough haha, only me. Lift trauma over, I managed to swap the coat for the prettiest pink denim jacket and they actually stock it in an adult size too, I so want to buy one and match!


Our last stop of the day was Botanica Studios, the most instagrammable plant shop in Bath. For my birthday Phoebe actually treated me to the prettiest plant to add to the little plant family. They even sell donuts in there, what’s not to love?!


Gingham OOTD

Admittedly I was not dressed well for the occasion, it was a bit too warm for this outfit but it’s by far my favourite top I own at the moment. I love how peplum tops fit me, especially as my post partum mum tum is my biggest insecurity at the moment, and this top hides all the lumps and bumps. Please can we scrap hot girl summer and make hot mom summer a thing? Harry treated me to these converse for Christmas but at that point my bump was so big, tying up laces were impossible so I am so happy I am able to finally wear them.


New Look Gingham Top – here (similar).

Miss Selfridge Black Skinnies – here.

Converse – here.

Thank you all for reading, I really enjoyed sharing my day and outfit with you and I hope you enjoyed it too! Have you been shopping recently?

Until next time,



15 thoughts on “Shopping In Bath & Gingham OOTD

  1. 50shad3s0fjay says:

    Yes Queen! I definitely need a good shopping day – I totally want to treat myself to some plants! You look gorgeous as ever and it sounds like you had a lovely day – at least all was well with the lift situation in the end and it makes for a great story 😂 bless you babe! So happy you’re happy glowing Goddess, I am loving for your joy! Xxx


    • chloeburford says:

      Thank you so much for reading lovely girl! You so need to splurge and treat yourself, plants make a home 100x better. Honestly only I would get stuck in the worlds smallest lift and it be my fault completely hahaha! Thanks so much once again honey bun xxx


  2. Chanelle says:

    Love your outfit, glad you got to have quality time with your bestie! Sorry to hear you got stuck in the lift but pleased people were kind enough to stop and help you out. You and Poppy in matching jackets sounds adorable ❤


  3. flawed_silence says:

    Bath is one city I’m yet to go on a day trip to and explore! The plant shop looks heavenly and whoa donuts served there… What a bonus!

    You look super duper cute and adorable in your outfit. Love the checkered top. Suits you so well 😍


  4. Chloe Luna says:

    I think I’ve said this before but I’ve always wanted to go to Bath, it looks so beautiful !! You look lovely and I’m glad you had such a nice time, also obsessed with that plant shop omg – heaven !! xxx


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